Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vikings beat Arizona Cardinals, Now Play at Home to Clinch

→ The Minnesota Vikings beat the Arizona Cardinals 34-14 in Arizona. Yes, Vikings Vixen was WRONG in her prediction – I shamefully hang my head.

→ It was an amazing game. I wish every game could be like that. It’s what Vikings fans have been waiting for all season. I kept thinking, so this is what all the hype was about when the Twin Cities was buzzing with Vikings fever last August.

→ Tarvaris Jackson looked solid and was even named the NFC’s offensive player of the week. He threw four TD passes with get this – ZERO INTERCEPTIONS. That’s huge.

→ The win puts the Vikes at 9-5 and still in the LEAD in the NFC North.

→ The Vikings are at home this Sunday playing the Atlanta Falcons (also, 9-5). The dirty birds have ruined our Super Bowl dreams before, let’s hope not again. If you want to see it live, there are still Vikings Tickets for sale. Vikings Game time is 3:15pm (changed from original noon).

→ I am predicting that Tarvaris Jackson will be the starting quarterback for the Vikings. His play in the past two games has been strong and he has momentum (if nothing else) on his side.

Adrian Peterson will probably reach the 3,000 yard mark this Sunday. Bring your sharpie maker signs.

→ The Vikings are still in control of their own destiny. If they win the game, they clinch the division. If they lose, we will need to keep our eyes on the Chicago Bears hosting the Green Bay Packers on Monday night (I am pretty sure the Bears will win). The NFC North title will then come down to the final regular season games.
    Prediction: Vikings 21 - Falcons 20
    Last week I was totally wrong, let’s hope I get it right this time or I am totally wrong on the Vikings score and they put the smack down with 35 plus points.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vikings beat Lions, On the Road again to play Arizona Cardinals

→ The Minnesota Vikings beat the winless Detroit Lions 20-16 in Detroit on Sunday.

→ It was a close game (too close), but the Vikings ended up the lucky ones to leave with a win (lucky as opposed to skilled)

→ Jared Allen continues to be a beast on the field (you would have to be living under a rock not to know that) and even quarterback Tarvaris Jackson didn’t look too bad when he took the field for injured (and old) Gus Frerotte.

→ The win puts the Vikes at 8-5 and still in the LEAD in the NFC North – yes, the lead, still. Amazing.

→ The Vikings are on the road again this Sunday as they travel to sunny Phoenix to take on the Arizona Cardinals (8-5).

→ The Vikes are in control of their own destiny. If they win the next three games, they go to the playoffs. But every Vikings fan remembers that the purple and gold aren’t very reliable when it comes to controlling their own destiny. Every year, the story is the same. Watching other games to see if we can make the playoffs because we can’t seem to win our own games to go. It’s going to be a sprint to the finish and the Vikes are going to need fresh legs to finish first.

    Prediction: Vikings 24 - Cardinals 35
    I know it is treason to pick the other team to win, but I don’t think the Vikes will be able to pull it off in Arizona. Let’s hope Vikings Vixen is wrong. Last week I predicted the Vikes by 2 (they won by 4).

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vikings beat top opponent Chicago Bears to lead NFC North, now face bottom opponent Detroit Lions

→ Vikings beat top opponent Chicago Bears to lead NFC North, now face bottom opponent Detroit Lions The Minnesota Vikings beat the Chicago Bears 34-14 in the Metrodome Saturday night! Hooah!

→ The Vikings defense looked awesome (again) and even the Vikings offense looked pretty tough.

→ My favorite play was when Gus Frerotte passed to Bernard Berrian for a 99 yard touchdown. That was insane and I thought the roof was going to come off the Dome the cheers were so loud.

→ The win puts the Vikes at 7-5. . . and…drum roll please, in the LEAD in the NFC North – yes, the lead. It’s going to be a close season, no doubt, but I am pumped right now. Vikings fever has taken over my entire body.

→ The Vikings are on the road this Sunday as they travel to Ford Field to take on the Detroit Lions (0-12).

→ The Lions may be a dismal team, but the Minnesota Vikings have a long history of losing games they should easily win. Vikings fans will also remember that the Lions almost beat us at home back in October – remember 12 to 10? - yuck.

→ I wish the Lions would have won a game within the last two weeks because the fact that they are still shutout in the win column is only going to make them hungrier for that first win against the Vikings.

→ The Vikings defense will have to rely on other talent if the Williams boys are sitting out. It could be a tougher game than anyone will imagine.

    Prediction: Vikings 26 – Lions (kitty cats) 24

    Last weeks prediction – I got my Thanksgiving wish! I got the victory right, but I was off on points for the Bears. I forgot how tough the Vikings defense can be when the Dome is on fire with crowd noise.

    A few game day pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Point One Vikings Beat Jacksonville Jaguars, Prepare to Fight. Chicago Bears for First Place

→ The Minnesota Vikings beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 30-12.

→ The Vikings defense looked strong (once again). It was nice to see Napoleon Harris capitalize on the Jags snap mistake and get a TD on his record.

→ Adrian Peterson was benched for the first few plays because he was late to a team meeting. This is at least twice that he has been late to a meeting and has been penalized – some one should buy that boy a watch!

→ The win puts the Vikes at 6-5. . . STILL tied (by record) for the lead in NFC North with the Chicago Bears (poor Green Bay Packers got killed on Monday Night Football). It’s going to be a close season.

→ The Vikings are home this post Thanksgiving Sunday as they host the Chicago Bears at the Metrodome Minneapolis.

→ A victory over the Bears will put the Vikings in first place in the NFC North Division and will gain back much of the lost fan support. It’s a Sunday night game and you know what that means, lots of drunk fans. I have been to plenty of Vikings Bears games and have seen my share of fans being escorted out due to fights, behave yourself Vikings fans! If you want to go, there are still Vikings Tickets available.

→ Keys to winning: Offense, Offense, Offense. The Vikings Defense has been doing more than it’s fair share, the Vikings offense (particularly pass offense) has got to step up to the plate.

The Minnesota Vikings had a 14-0 lead after only 1 minute, 41 seconds of game play last Sunday vs. Jacksonville Jaguars - that was awesome, but the Vikings are cursed with losing their lead and consequently the game in the final minutes of the game. If the Vikings hope to beat the Chicago Bears, they will need to play tougher in the fourth quarter than they did last week.

    Prediction: Vikings 35 - Bears 28 (a victory is my Thanksgiving wish)

    Last weeks prediction – I got the victory right, but I was off on points for the Jaguars. I didn’t realize how dysfunctional they had become on offense.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vikings lost to Tampa Bay Bucs, Plenty of Pressure to Beat Jacksonville

→ The Minnesota Vikings lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13-19 (what a train wreck)

Gus Frerotte was sacked five times – I am losing confidence in him quickly. Some of it is the lines fault, but he has got to look down field faster and make more snap judgments or by all means, just MOVE your feet to get out of the way of incoming defensemen.

→ The loss puts the Vikes at 5-5. . . STILL tied (by record) for the lead in NFC North, don't jump off the wagon just yet Vikings fans – at least we didn’t lose 37-3 like the Bears, right?

→ The Vikings travel to Florida again this week playing the Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6) at noon. The Jags looked good last week against the Titans, this could be a tough win for the Vikes.

→ Sean Jensen of the Pioneer Press put together a compelling piece on the Vikings 3rd quarter failures and why they are the worst in the NFL – it’s a very solid point and I am hoping Chilly will change up the locker room half-time strategy this week because of it. We’ll See.

→ Brad Childress has got to go. But I do love this quote from him that he shared at his press conference: “'editorialists and columnists are like men that come down from the mountains after the battle and shoot the wounded.' I thought there's a certain something to that."

LOL! Do you suppose bloggers should be added to that as well? "Bloggers, editorialists and columnists..." and then if you want to include Vikings Vixen, you need to change it to "...women that come down...." I got a good chuckle over that one Dr. Phil – time to thicken up your skin, we just want to keep you honest.

    Prediction: Vikings 28 - Jaguars 27 (I had 35 for the Jags in there, but I just can’t leave it – I want the Vikes to win too badly)
    Last weeks prediction – I was off for the Vikes, but pretty close for the Bucs.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vikings beat Green Bay Packers, Hit the Road for Two Games

I feel like this post will almost be the same as last Wednesday, but here it goes anyway:

→ Whew - the Vikings beat the Green Bay Packers 28-27 at the Metrodome. It was a desperately needed win (aren't they all if you are a Vikings fan? OR a Vikings head coach?)

→ The win puts the Vikes at 5-4 . . . tied for the lead in NFC North, don't jump off the wagon just yet Vikings fans – but be sure you clear your schedule for the Vikings Bears game on November 30th (Sunday after Thanksgiving) – it’s going to be big.

→ Jared Allen played well, any one think all the hype about him being hurt and not playing was just a mental tactic? I believe he is really hurt, but I also believe there was ZERO chance he was going to sit out.

→ The Minnesota Vikings head to Florida to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3).

→ I will be glued to the TV at noon on Sunday and my better half and I will be fighting over the remote of the big TV for the football game or the final NASCAR race. He won last week; I think I should get it this week.

→ I am still standing by the fact that Brad Childress will be fired at the end of the year. Regardless if we go to the playoffs (well, unless we win the SB) – Go for it on 4th and 1 in such a crucial game? Never. He let Adrian Peterson and the Metrodome crowd get in his head. Not good. See ya Dr Phil.

    Prediction: Vikings 24 - Bucs 17
    Last week - I predicted the Vikings by two points, I was close for the second week in a row. I am better at this prediction thing than I thought I would be.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vikings beat Texans, Get Ready to host the Favreless Green Bay Packers

→ Whew - the Vikings beat the Houston Texas 28-21 at the Metrodome. It was a desperately needed win (aren't they all if you are a Vikings fan?)

→ The win puts the Vikes at 4-4 . . . still in the hunt for the NFC North, don't jump off the wagon just yet Vikings fans

→ The Vikings offense looked good, not just AP, but the whole offense. I have increasing confidence in Gus Frerotte

→ The Green Bay Packers (also 4-4) will be at the Metrdome this Sunday.

→ I read somewhere that Vikings Tickets are at their lowest demand and price in over 10 years for this particular game. In fact, one of my friends called Ticket King to see if they were buying Vikings Packers tickets and they offered him half of face value - half ! He thinks if he would have sold his tickets before the start of the season when the Vikings hype was high, he could have made at least $30 bucks on the sale and if the Vikings would have scooped up Favre, probably twice that.

→ Jared Allen has a sever strain in his right shoulder, playing without him will suck.

→ It will be the first time since 1992 that Brett Favre will not be starting at the Metrodome.

→ Brad Childress is 0-5 against the Green Bay Packers, this game on Sunday will be huge for Dr. Phil. I would venture a guess that his job is on the line and this game could save or break it.

    Prediction: Vikings 23 - Packers 21
    Last week - I predicted Vikings 27 (actual 28) and Texans 24 (actual 21) - wow I was super close. I surprise myself.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vikings Bye Week is Not Calm, Houston Texans in Dome this Sunday

→ A Bye Week means no win or loss so all is calm, right? Not.

→ Vikings Scandals happen every year, with out failure. The news of both Williams lineman (Pat and Kevin) getting busted for “substance” abuse (I don’t care if they are just water pills) is enough to make me want to puke. They know the NFL tests for that stuff, what a waste to risk it. Perhaps this should be in the looking ahead segment since we will lose these two for at least 4 games probably starting against the Packers.

→ The Houston Texans are at the Metrodome Sunday at noon. I found Vikings Tickets for $4, no joke. $4 that was it. I guess that should tell us something about fan interest.

→ The Houston Texans are 3-4, like the Vikings, but are on a three-game winning streak so the Vikings will need to play tough to stop their momentum (and start ours!)

→ Safety Madieu Williams (Williams is a common name on this Vikings team) should make his Vikings debut this Sunday after being out from a neck injury he suffered during camp. The Madieu Darren Sharper combo should help shut down the Houston Texans Offense.
    Prediction: Vikings 27 - Texans 24
    Last week's Prediction Review: I wasn’t even close on the Cowboys Tampa Bay Game last week. I didn’t give their defenses enough credit (or the offenses too much credit) actual score: Tampa Bay 9, Dallas 13 ; Predicted by Vikings Vixen: Tampa Bay 35, Dallas 17.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vikings put Bears loss Behind them, Move into Bye Week

→ The dreadful Sunday loss to the Bears at Soldier field 41-48 - icky.

→ I still can't believe that the Minnesota Vikings special teams are so bad. I can't put my finger on what it is about them that sucks so bad.

→ The NFC North now looks like this: Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers tied for first, Minnesota Vikings third, the poor Detroit Lions are winless in fourth.

→ Thank God it's a Bye Week.

→ If we aren't going to fire Dr. Phil, we need to at least sit down and build a plan to win the next few games. Then again, planning is clearly not Dr Phils (aka Childress) strong point.

→ Does any one else think it is weird that the Vikings, Packers and Bears all have a Bye week this week? Was that divine NFL planning or just a fluke?

    Prediction: there will be no Vikings score prediction this week thanks to the much needed I will make a prediction on the Tampa Bay Bucs at Dallas Cowboys game . . . Tampa Bay 35, Dallas 17

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Minnesota Vikings Pictures

We need to spice this space up with some Minnesota Vikings pictures – leave your own personal captions in the COMMENTS section (I have numbered the pictures for your convenience).

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Fire Chilly Update

Vikings Fans are known for getting out when the going gets tough. Some other NFL team fans might even call us fickle. Sure we say we bleed purple (in my case pink), but really we just like blood and that means when things are going poorly, we get out the bow and arrow and we shoot at whatever moves – this time, it’s Brad Childress (most call him Chilly, I like to call him Dr. Phil – admit it, there is a striking resemblance, they could be brothers) - from the Boo Birds at the Vikings Lions game to the bloggers on the Internet, Fire Childress is a common theme and I am jumping on board (I think I was already on board, but I am jumping up and down now to get more attention).

The boys on KFAN (why aren’t there any girls at that station? – I should apply) said there is no way that Zygi would cut ties with Childress mid season, but I have to disagree. Why not? If he isn’t doing the job and the ship is going down, you might as well change captains, you have nothing to lose. If we lose the next four games (please don’t let it happen, football gods) I say fire him before the Vikings Bears game. How about that for some Thanksgiving Day conversation?! A new head coach could put this team back in the spotlight. Then again, it’s not as if we are the Lions (poor Lions 0-6), we are still in the hunt for the NFC North Title, but if we lose any more home games, it’s over.

Minnesota Vikings Update

OK, since it has been so long since I have posted, I need to get organized and I am going to use my blog canvas to make that happen. It’s a BYE week so it’s a good time to review the scores and the standings up to this point – here is the dirty low down:

WEEK 1 Mon 9/8 VS Packers @ Green Bay LOSS...19-24…this one was a gut wrencher, we needed the win – I truly believe if we could have won, the season would look different right now. I know people say that one game in the past doesn’t predict the future, but I disagree, the momentum of winning this game in Lambeau would have given us more strength to face the Colts.

WEEK 2 Sun 9/14 VS Colts @ Dome LOSS...15-18…really? we should have won this. It was on the home turf and the Colts aren’t that much better than we are, well apparently they are 3 points better than we are.

WEEK 3 Sun 9/21 VS Panthers @ Dome WIN...20-10…we needed this win, bad. Good thing we got it when we did, too. The Carolina Panthers have been on a roll since losing to us.

WEEK 4 Sun 9/28 VS Titans @ Tenn. LOSS...17-30…Tennessee is good, we are not.

WEEK 5 Mon 10/6 VS Saints @ New Orleans WIN...30-27…we are EXACTLY 3 points better than the Saints and not one more. This was a close one.

WEEK 6 Sun 10/12 VS Lions @ Dome WIN...12-10…or maybe this was the close one, the Vikings looked lethargic, perhaps they need a more inspiring coaching staff. If we would have lost, we would have been the laughing stocks of the NFL.

WEEK 7 Sun 10/19 VS Bears @ Chicago LOSS...41-48…I would have never predicted this game would turn out like this. Special teams made me want to poke my eyes out. At least we moved the ball on offense even if it was in the hands of the opposing teams half the time.

WEEK 8 Sun 10/26 VS none @ nowhere BYE….0-0….we need the break, we need it bad.

Minnesota Vikings Blog

Vikings Vixen has been MIA from the blogging world. I have had a lot on my plate and I had to move something off, so this beautiful pink Vikings blog had to take the hit. I have decided to pick it back up and give it another shot and since I am GOAL oriented and focused. I have created a PLAN for this blog. I am going to post EVERY Wednesday – what else do I have to do on hump day ? right?! And my post is going to be similar every week – I am going to take a look back at last week and a look ahead at the upcoming game. I am also going to make score predictions so you will have to check back to see if I am right or wrong every week. I am going to make a "template" for this Vikings football blog so I don’t feel all stressed about what I am going to post. I need organization! I need organization! Why do you think I love football so much? All the X’s and O’s and carefully scripted plays bring me peace and serenity….although when the kicker kicks the ball just to get it away from another player, that is not very serene.

I am going to post a few more items of interest today just to get this blog up to speed and then look for my first template post tomorrow! I hope you are as pleased as I am about it!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brett Favre Saga is all the blogging buzz

I took last week off from blogging (and work) because my wonderful husband made it back from Iraq in one piece and I needed to spend some quality time with him. If any one watches the news he was part of the 2-147 Assault Helicopter Battalion out of St Paul. I am pretty proud of him and all of the troops. They served our country well.

My hubby may be my biggest love, but I loved the Vikings first and that’s why they get this blog (and a good chunk of my time) so enough personal stuff – let’s talk Brett.

I see my Brett Favre article created a bit of a stir in the blogger world (it seems Brett is creating a stir every where these days) and I just wanted to THANK everyone for all their comments. I am going to “promote” jesse a’s comment to the front here because he feels how I feel:

“I don't think I could, in good conscience, root for Favre as a Viking. I've
spent, basically, his whole career rooting for him to suck and hating every bit
of success. Regardless of how players move around these days, he hasn't and is
the Green Bay Packers. And while I understand that he's a better QB than
Tarvaris, he's still the enemy and has come across as a major d-bag during all
of this.

I think I'd rather the Vikings take their chances with TJ
and maybe miss the playoffs than watch them win a Super Bowl with Favre. I hate
the player that much.”

Well said, jesse, well said. I will be back next Thursday to talk about that Vikings Seahawks game. I will be at the Metrodome with my man sitting in section 101! Look for the girl in pink and the husband with a National Guard baseball hat.

Go Vikes!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brett Favre Saga continues at Vikings Training Camp

Minnesota Vikings training camp starts on Friday and the Brett Favre saga is continuing all the way to Mankato. The local media (and national) is still focused on the possibility of Brett Favre a Viking…even at training camp. The media is asking other Vikings players what they would think if their old arch enemy showed up in a purple number 4 jersey. Most players are trying to steer clear of the issue, but Antoine Winfield said he would be pleased if Favre was on the Vikings team. I found this poll on the Tribs web site:

Which quarterback would best help the Vikings get to the Super Bowl this year?
Tarvaris Jackson 25.7%
Brett Favre 64.5%
A quarterback to be named later 9.7%
Total Votes: 5813

Apparently, Minnesotans would welcome Brett Favre across the river with open arms. That would not be the case for Vikings Vixen. I think I may give Brett the cold shoulder. He would need to earn my support. At Green Bay, he was kind of a baby and I don’t like babies and I just can’t get the image of him prancing around like a fairy the last time he was at the Dome (when he broke the TD record).

Fact: I wish Brett Favre would retire and go away so we can focus on the current Vikings team at training camp and put the what-ifs behind us.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Brett Favre a Minnesota Viking? No Way.

The Brett Favre saga continues to amaze me. When every one was speculating Favre’s NFL return, Vikings fans (NOT VIKINGS VIXEN) immediately began speculating on if/how Brett Favre could become a Minnesota Viking. Vikings Vixen said in her most perfect convincing pink voice, “no way, not going to happen.”

Brad Childress is committed to Tarvaris Jackson (I've never understood why the NFL coach has to marry his quarterback. Everybody else is just a moving part, but it is what it is) and Childress isn’t savvy enough to steal Favre away anyhow, but I forgot about the savvy offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and his previous experience with Brett Favre and now apparently the Pack is claiming inappropriate relations/talks between Bevell and Favre. Hmmm…I guess all those crazy Vikings fans that were dreaming of Favre in the purple jersey weren’t as far off their rockers as I thought. I still say “no way, not going to happen.” Stay Tuned. The Brett Favre saga is not ending any time soon.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vikings Quarterback vibe positive

You know it's a good sign when your offensive coordinator likes your quarterback. This Vikings football season has several quarterbacks, don't they all? Darrell Bevell, the Vikings offensive coordinator, is really impressed with this years rookies and veterans. Bevell says the QB's are looking "very competitive." Although Bevell may be right, we have heard that the Minnesota Vikings were looking "competitive" many other times (call me a skeptic). Maybe this year the Vikes competitiveness will drive them further than the first round of the playoffs. Best of luck during training.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Henderson will wear in-helmet radio

Vikings coaches believe E.J. Henderson will be the member of the Minnesota Vikings defense who wears the in-helmet radio device. The NFL agreed to allow one member of the defense to wear an in-helmet radio device to receive plays from the sidelines after 25 NFL teams voted in favor of it (7 voted no- Raiders, Packers, Seahawks, Eagles, Rams, Bucs and Redskins) Each team will be allowed two players per game to be equipped with helmets with the device, but only one of those helmets is allowed to be on the field at any time. It is rare for the NFL to make changes to help the defense, but this doesn’t seem like a huge deal to me. I am wondering if the average fan will even notice the difference.

As far as Vikings E.J. Henderson being the point man. It makes sense. Henderson normally stays on the field for three downs and calls the defensive plays anyway. He is coming off his best season and has established himself as a clubhouse leader, so why not him?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Will Brett Favre Retire or Not

I think it is weird that I write a story about ESPN sending in the cavalry to watch Brett Favre’s jersey retire on opening night at Lambeau field and the very next day there are abundant rumors that Brett wants to come back and may not retire. Poor ESPN. The flip flopping of Mr. Favre is probably causing a few ulcers in the ESPN producers. Better break out the maalox – September 8th is a long way off and Brett is sure to change his mind 50 times by then.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ESPN has plans to Blitz Lambeau

The Green Bay Press-Gazette reported that, in addition to the regular Monday Night Football crew of Mike Tirico, Rob Jaworski, and Tony Kornheiser, the ESPN Monday Night Countdown show will air directly from Lambeau Field, with Chris Berman, Stuart Scott, Tom Jackson, Keyshawn Johnson, Steve Young, Emmitt Smith, and Chris Mortensen in the house. Whoa! ESPN is brining in the entire horse and pony show for the Monday night Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers match-up on September 8th.

ESPN will also broadcast portions of two SportsCenter shows from Lambeau Field, along with their Pardon the Interruption show. ESPN officials are quoted as saying “…with the Packers set to retire Brett Favre’s jersey and this being ESPN’s first visit to Lambeau Field for a ‘MNF‘ game — the decision was a no-brainer.”

Perhaps we should rename Lambeau field to ESPN field for the night! With all eyes on the game, Vikings Vixen hopes the Minnesota Vikings will squash the Green Bay Packers and show the nation that THE PURPLE should be feared.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Minnesota Vikings News

Things have been pretty quiet this week in Vikings country. Last week the big Vikings news was the release of the Minnesota Vikings training camp schedule. This week the”big” Vikings news is that Darren Sharper is in boot camp for a broadcasting job. Big woopty doo. Don’t get me wrong, I like Darren Sharper, in fact he is one of my favorite Minnesota Vikings players, but I could care less if he is training for a broadcaster position. *sigh* I can’t wait for Training Camp to start.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vikings mascot competes in NFL mascot competition

Vote now for our Minnesota Vikings mascot to be named the “Most Fierce NFL Mascot” Voting ends June 24th and after I voted this morning, Viktor is losing 45% vs 55% for the Carolina Panthers mascot. Come on Vikings fans, rock the vote and show the people of Carolina what Viktor is made of!

Vote here:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vikings Training Camp

The Vikings training schedule is out and I see Dr. Phil added a couple of night practices. There are several benefits to that – 1. the weather is usually cooler for the players 2. more fans will have the opportunity to come by after work and see the players

The Vikings reported that 50,000 Vikings fans went to Vikings training camp last year. I am willing to bet that number will be almost double this year – with the added evening practices, Adrian Peterson star power and the addition of Jared Allen. There is definitely Vikings Mania around the Twin Cities and I am willing to bet it will carry over to Mankato for this years Minnesota Vikings training camp.

Players report July 23rd . . . five weeks away!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vikings spent the dough, let’s hope it pays off

A lot of Vikings fans are picking the Minnesota Vikings to finish at the top of NFC North and by the sounds of all the Vikings mania in the Twin Cities, some fans have already bought their Super Bowl tickets! Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for the Minnesota Vikings season to start as well mostly because the Vikes took significant steps to improve their roster this year with the addition of Jared Allen, receiver Bernard Berrian and safety Madieu Williams — those three alone have been guaranteed $60 million, but the fact remains that it’s June and the most strenuous activity this team has gone through was the just-completed minicamp. Let’s wait until the regular season starts before we determine if the Minnesota Vikings investment pays off.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Adrian Peterson golf tournament

I saw an ad the other day for the first annual Adrian Peterson celebrity golf tournament to benefit the All Day foundation. The funds will help support the Boys and Girls club and Special Olympics Minnesota – all good causes! I think it is great that such a young guy is jumping feet first into this community, what a great example for others! Professional athletes have such an opportunity to influence society (both negatively and positively), it is good to see Adrian Peterson putting his fame to good use. The best part of the event? A live auction that includes a chance to win dinner with Adrian Peterson at his house!!! Sign Vikings Vixen up!

Check out the golf tournament here

Friday, May 30, 2008

Rick Spielman Quote on New Talent

I like this Rick Spielman quote and I thought I should put it on my blog. Some Vikings fans (and radio broadcasters) already have the 2008 Vikings team going to the Super Bowl, but Spielman reminds us all that the reality will hit when the team hits the turf in August.

"Everybody's excited about seeing them run around in shorts and see what type of athletes they are, how they throw the ball, how they catch the ball," Spielman said. "But [when] they get the pads on and go through two-a-days in August and get a chance to see them line up in preseason, that's when you get a pretty good feel for what you have."

What better reason to buy a Minnesota Vikings ticket for a preseason match-up? It will be your first real chance to see the team in action under the Metrodome lights (ya know, as opposed to Friday Night Lights). I am going to be there Friday August 8th when the Vikings take on the Seattle Seahawks. My tickets were really cheap, like less than $20. It’s a preseason game so my ticket may say row 27, but I bet I will be able to move down and sit closer. I don’t want to miss seeing the new Vikings talent take the field for the first time, even if it is just preseason.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

NFL Rule Change

Last month, the NFL changed it’s force-out rule for 2008 stating that a wide receiver must have two feet in bounds in order for the catch to be ruled complete. I saw Bernard Berrian on the news trying to be all PC about the rule, but you could tell that he was irritated. The quote in the paper from Bernard is this:

"A lot of the rules help offense because they want high-scoring games because the fans love to see points," Berrian said. "So the defense obviously is getting a cheer out of this one. It helps them out a little bit to even it up."

But on the news, he said he will be interested to see how it works out and he was wondering how the NFL will deal with issues like a defenseman carrying a wide receiver over his shoulder out of bounds. Boy that is a picture! I am picturing Brian Urlacher carrying Bernard Berrian over his shoulder spanking him! Urlacher has a good 70 pounds on him – I would buy Vikings tickets to see that for sure!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Turnover should have been expected 5-28 vikes blog

It seems all I am reading about in the local media these days about the Minnesota Vikings is how pathetic the 2005 Vikings draft was. The renewed interest in that particular year came as the Vikings released defensive end Erasmus James (we used our 18th pick in 2005 to get James and Vikings Vixen thought he would be a winner, but he just can’t seem to mesh in with the squad).

But let’s think about this from a business perspective. Vikings owner Zygi Wilf took over in 2005 and just like any other big company acquisition, turnover is to be expected. Rick Spielman, Vikings vice president of football operations, said about 85 percent of the roster has turned over since the end of the Vikings 2005 season.

New owners, just like new CEOS or even just new managers, have their own ideas and want to select their own followers. Vikings Vixen used to have a big shot job at a Fortune 500 company and once I moved into a new manager role with eight acquired employees. Some of those employees worked out and some didn’t, but let me tell you the 4 that I selected myself were 10 times more loyal and worked 10 times harder than the employees I acquired. It’s just natural to want to work hard and please the person that gave you the chance, that hired you. So, I don’t think it is any different when changing owners or even coaches. Turnover (no pun intended) is to be expected and with that turnover comes a slight adjustment period, but then if the leader is any good at recruiting and teaching the end result is a strong and successful team. It starts from the top down.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Erin Henderson Free Agent

I was amazed that Erin Henderson didn’t get picked up in the NFL Draft. He had a great collegiate career at Maryland and he has the make-up of a true NFL player. Erin was expected to be selected early on the second day of the draft but instead slid through all seven rounds. The Minnesota Vikings signed him as a free agent shortly after the draft ended. The coolest part about that free agent signing? Erin’s big brother is Vikings Linebacker E.J. Henderson! Vikings Vixen thinks it would be awesome to see the two Henderson brothers on the field wearing purple together. I think a brotherly combination could be a force to be reckoned with in the NFL. I hope Erin has the chance to prove himself in training camp!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ESPN Ranks Minnesota Vikings

ESPN just came out with their NFL power rankings and I have to say they are a bit different than SI’s. First of all, the Vikings are ranked 12th (as opposed to 7th) and ESPN doesn’t even comment on the Jared Allen acquisition. ESPN does say: If they settle on a QB, the Vikes could become a playoff team. RB Adrian Peterson is at the top of the list for MVP candidates.

Duh. I think 12th is reasonable, but I don’t agree with their Green Bay Packers ranking of 10th – the ESPN comment is: This is an unpredictable team in the wake of the retirement of Brett Favre. Who will step up and make the big plays this year?

How can you call a team unpredictable and then rank them in the top ten of the NFL? Looking at the NFC North, I think the Vikings are definitely on top and Vikings Vixen likes it on top.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp

Here are a few key dates for 2008 Vikings training camp courtesy of the Vikings’ web site:

July 23: Players report
July 25: First practice
Aug. 8: Preseason opener @ Dome: Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks Tickets <$10
Aug. 15: Camp breaks

The Minnesota Vikings will once again hold training camp at Minnesota State College in Mankato, Minnesota…where they have held training camp since 1966. Vikings Vixen would love to go some day before she dies.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Vikings Ranked in Top 10

Peter King from ranked the Minnesota Vikings 7th for the upcoming season – 7th! I think that is fantastic! Go Vikings Go! You can read his reasoning here . . . here is my favorite part:

“And though I don't love the Jared Allen signing for the long haul (too dangerous), I love it for 2008. Allen's quickness on the turf of the Metrodome ... scary. Maybe 20-sack scary.”

Yeah , baby! Sack ‘em! Round ‘em up Cowboy! I am excited for this Vikings season! We are due for a good year!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vikings do what is right: Pay Udeze Salary for ‘08

The Minnesota Vikings placed Defensive End Kenechi Udeze on the non-football injury list, officially ruling him out for the 2008 Vikings season. Udeze, who announced his leukemia is in remission, can now spend the next year focusing on recovering from the cancer. Under NFL rules, the Vikings are not responsible for paying his 2008 salary because his “injury” is not football related. However, Brad Childress said today that the Vikings team will continue to pay Udeze his $807,500 salary this year.

What he can do is focus on getting well,” Childress said. “He’s done a great job with that so far. He’s been positive. He’s been upbeat. What this does is obviously clear his mind of any financial issues, and the organizaton, particularly [owner Zygi Wilf and his family], have taken care of that.

I am glad to see a wealthy business man do what is right for a change and not just what is right for the pocket book. This is better PR than when the Vikes fined Troy Williamson for going to his grandma’s funeral.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Vikings NFL Draft Grades

I was listening to the boys over on KFAN talk about the Vikings Draft success and they ranked it at about a B…I might say a B minus since they didn’t trade up to secure a stronger defensive tackle. When looking around on the Internet at other NFL draft comments regarding the Minnesota Vikings draft picks, this one from SI is my favorite.

Minnesota Vikings: Are you counting DE Jared Allen, the big-league pass rusher
who came from the Chiefs for draft choices? You are? Then I love their draft.
But only if they help him beat the drinking problem. One DUI and it's a bad
mistake. Two and it's a problem. QB John David Booty (fifth round) from USC is
an interesting choice since the position is far from locked up.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Vikings NFL Draft, Jared Allen plus…

The Minnesota Vikings chose five players in last weekends 2008 NFL Draft. Only five. The fewest in Vikings history. I suppose if you add Jared Allen into the mix then its six players, and I think you should definitely include Jared Allen in the total draftees since we gave up three draft choices to get him. I think the Vikes did OK on their picks. I would have liked John Carlson in a Vikings uniform, but he got scooped up before we got to pick. Sad…Vikings Vixen sheds a tear.

So who did we get? a safety, a quarterback, a defensive tackle, a center and a punt returner. Oh, you want to know their names? Why? They probably won’t be starting any time soon, but I would like to see that QB start if T.J. slips up (and I am certain he will). Newest members of your Minnesota Vikings Roster: Safety Tyrell Johnson (Arkansas State), Quarterback John David Booty (Southern Cal), Defensive Tackle Letroy Guion (Florida State), Center John Sullivan (Notre Dame) and Receiver Jaymar Johnson (Jackson State).

My favorite…you guessed it John Booty – I just love to say his name.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Minnesota Vikings Jersey

I am willing to bet the number 69 Vikings jersey will be a top seller – I will keep my 28 Adrian Peterson jersey, but I am willing to bet the man in my life will find it essential he own a 69 jersey. Any thoughts Vikings fans?

"I couldn't be happier, and I think it's a great fit," Jared Allen said of his new team (and his new jersey.)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jared Allen Minnesota Vikings Defensive End

The Minnesota Vikings made an investment in the present yesterday, a big investment, by securing Jared Allen from the Kansas City Chiefs. The Vikings paid 74 million dollars over six years AND gave up a first and 2 third round draft picks. Yikes! That is a high price for one player, but I think it sends the message to Vikings fans that the Minnesota Vikings want to be competitive this season; the Vikings are investing in the now and not in the future necessarily.

This big move signals that the Vikings organization thinks they are only one player away from being a Championship team. Vikings Vixen is glad to have Jared Allen and I know he will make a difference, but I don’t think the Minnesota Vikings are one player away from being a Super Bowl team. We definitely need help on the offense as well…quarterback, wide receiver….hello? You can’t win games if you don’t score any points and although I think Jared Allen is a key piece to the puzzle, I don’t think he is the center piece that completes the championship picture.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gus Frerotte back on Vikings Roster

A familiar name will be the back-up to Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson this season (or perhaps Tarvaris will be his back-up), Gus Frerotte. The 36 year old 14-year NFL veteran signed a two-year, $3.75 million contract. I wonder if there are any Vikings fans that have a Vikings Frerotte jersey? Probably not, but he did appear on the Vikings roster in 2003 and 2004 as a back-up to Daunte Culpepper.

Vikings Vixen thinks Gus Frerotte is a solid guy and will be a good mentor to our young team (although he could use a hair cut). I had heard a while back that the Oakland Raiders were looking at him, but I am guessing the Vikings offered more money. It seems like a lot of dough for a back-up which is what leads me to believe if Tarvaris doesn’t look strong coming out of the gate, Frerotte will get a chance to start. Be afraid T.J., be very afraid.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Matt Birk Contract Issues still in Limelight

MatMatt Birk, Matt Birk, Matt Birk. I am so tired of hearing about Matt Birk, but I read this Matt Birk contract comment on the Star Trib yesterday and I just have to share it with everyone. It’s funny and very Minnesotan. I wish I would have thought of it myself!

"Birk is fishin'for a new contract. Chilli is baiting the hook and Ziggy is driving the boat. This WILL work itself out before the season starts and Birk will be in purple. This NFL contract dance makes Dancing with the Stars look like a polka contest"
posted by Valpat on Apr 7, 08 at 3:47 pm

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers on Monday Night

This Minnesota Vikings fan has been sitting around on pins and needles waiting for the NFL schedule to be released so I can plan my fall and winter trips to the HHH Metrodome. Well, the NFL has given us a taste of the schedule by announcing the opening Monday Night games which include a rival match-up between the Minnesota Vikings at the Green Bay Packers on September 8th.

Of course the game will be televised nationally on ESPN, but wouldn’t it be fun to go to Lambeau field in September? I wouldn’t have to worry about bringing my snow boots or electric hand warmers. I could just pack my purple parka and plan on having a great time at a great stadium and I bet they do some sort of Brett Favre tribute thing, too.

The Vikings players are pumped about the Monday Night Game. Bobby Wade is quoted as saying: "That's what it's all about," Wade said of the prime-time game. "Obviously, being in this league a while, you get excited for any game, whether it's two people or 70,000. But to be able to play on TV and be able to play in that type of environment will help us get to where we want to be at the end of the season."

Pat Williams said he "always has fun on TV," but he's especially "pumped" because the Vikings are playing the Packers. Well, so am I! Let’s bring the Pack down!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Matt Birk, Matt Birk, Matt Birk

Matt Birk is all the talk around town these days as he is opting out of the optional Vikings activities. Birk is considered one of the top five centers in the NFL and is on his final contract year with the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have yet to make an extension offer to Birk and his displeasure with management is not hidden. Perhaps you could say Matt Birk wears his heart on his sleeve…or his jersey, per se. It will be interesting to see what transpires over the next few months regarding Birks status with the team. I know he is a local guy and a bit of a local celebrity, but Vikings Vixen doesn’t have any sort of love affair with the guy. In fact, I find him a bit abrasive and self-conceited, not a representation of Minnesota nice.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Randy Moss hooks up with the US Postal Service

I was reading the Randy Moss Envelope story over on the Minneapolis paper’s web site and I wasn’t going to comment on it, but I have to admit I was shocked at some of the other reader comments that I had to bring the topic up on my Vikings blog. What does everyone think about Randy being honored by the Post Office?

I am a strong believer that he is not hero material and should not be honored by anything. Being a great professional athlete is more than just catching passes (when he wants to, remember), it’s about being a responsible citizen. His run in with drugs, abuse and flagrant quotes is not an example of a responsible citizen.

I am personally surprised that the US Post Office is willing to stand behind him. I guarantee if one of their employees exhibited that same Randy Moss behavior at work, i.e. cutting down their boss and fellow postal workers, delivering all the mail only when they felt like it, the post office would not be honoring them, except with a pink slip. I see there are plenty of Moss supporters online though, most of them offended by the joke that the Star Trib writer made regarding Moss being on a most wanted poster at the post office. Come on, you can’t get offended by a joke like that if you are a supporter of mouth Randy Moss, it’s a double standard.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Vikings Offseason Program

The Minnesota Vikings offseason program officially starts today! Mini-Camps, Organized Team Activities, Workouts – woah! I guess August isn’t that far away??? Hard to say when there is so much snow on the ground!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vikings still need a Defensive End

I voted on an Internet poll that the Vikings needed a wide receiver the most out of the free agency, but now that we have secured one I am starting to look at other holes on the Vikings roster and I am concerned that we are over a week in the free-agent signing period and the Vikings haven’t found a defensive end. What are they doing? Newsflash, Vikings need a defensive end! Let’s go and get one!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

So long Brett Favre, you big baby

Have any other Vikings fans or Packers fans heard the ESPN Chris Mortensen rumor that Brett Favre would have continued into and past the 2008 season had the Green Bay Packers signed Randy Moss? Wow, what a slap in the face to Donald Driver. If I remember correctly Brett Favre’s last pass in the NFC Championship game vs the New York Giants was an interception that not even Randy Moss could have come down with.

Whatever his reason for retiring, it is good news for the Minnesota Vikings team. So long Brett Favre, my favorite dancing pixie boy, so long.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

So long Brett

Well, it’s official Vikings Vixen saw Brett Favre for the last time at the HHH Metrodome when he scored his record setting touchdown and danced around the Metrodome field like a fairy. I remember the Packers fans scooping up programs like they were gold, now I wish I would have bought one as well. Good-bye Brett, we will miss you…well, maybe not all of us, but the NFL will miss you and the ticket scalpers will miss you and the Green Bay Packers will miss you…So long Brett Favre, so long….

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vikings are busy Updating the Roster

The Minnesota Vikings have been active on the free agency market. The Vikings signed fullback Thomas Tapeh to a five-year, $6 million contract that includes $1.2 million in guarantees and safety Madieu Williams to a six-year, $33 million contract that includes nearly $13 million. The biggest catch though…Bernard Berrian, a six-year, $42 million contract that includes $16 million in guarantees.

WOW! The Vikings really opened up the checkbook this year. I have to say little miss negative Vikings Vixen was sure the Vikings wouldn’t spend a dime and were plotting to move the team out of town. I guess not. Now if we can get Tarvaris to throw the ball better, we may just have an offense this year. Way to go Vikings!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Vikings looking to fill key positions with free agency

The Minnesota Wild went shopping for a center and the Wild secured Chris Simon, NHL’s bad boy, now it’s time for the Minnesota Vikings to go shopping and hopefully secure a little muscle for their bench as well. Most Vikings fans are looking for the Vikings to snag a Defensive End and a Wide Receiver, or two!

There is no doubt that when the NFL free agency frenzy begins tonight, the Minnesota Vikings will be busy!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vikings are ready to cut ties with players

Rumors are that the Minnesota Vikings have agreed to trade receiver Troy Williamson to the Jacksonville Jaguars for a second-day draft pick. There is no love lost between Williamson and the Vikings. His antics off the field and Williams numerous drops on the field, have made his relationship with the Minnesota Vikings and Vikings fans very tense. Troy Williamson will join former Vikings coach Mike Tice in Jacksonville and as far as Vikings Vixen is concerned, he shouldn’t let the door hit him in the rear on his way out.

There are also rumors that the Vikings will cut ties with back-up quarterback Kelly Holcomb. Let's hope we can pick up someone else on the market.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vikings crime blog

I knew I should have started a Vikings crime blog! When I was deciding to start a Vikings football blog, one of my buddies suggest I make it a crime blog and post player mugshots and criminal activity. I did always dream of being a private investigator, but I wasn’t sure I would have enough information…I guess if I think about it, I could post plenty of Viking player mugshots! There is always something going on…like the whole Bryant McKinnie criminal activity in Florida – oh man, what is wrong with these NFL players?! Nice band-aid McKinnie, I wonder how the guy who got hit with the pole is feeling?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vikings Release Safety Dwight Smith

The Minnesota Vikings released safety Dwight Smith. It was no secret in Vikings land that Coach Childress and Smith didn’t get along. In fact, this Vikings fan was surprised to see Dwight Smith on the field as a Viking even last season. Sure, he had a few good games and he has potential, but his off the field antics were not the kind of press Brad Childress will tolerate.

Remember the Dwight Smith stairwell incident? That was an interesting water cooler day. I worked in Hudson at the time and we used to kid around with one of the 24 year old office girls that it was her in the stairwell with Smith!

Smith will become an unrestricted free agent and the Vikings did right by him by giving him enough notice to seek out other teams. Brad Childress says the Vikings are "going in a different direction." Let’s hope that means they are going to try and win more than 8 games . . . wouldn’t that be a nice direction to go in?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vikings creating offers as NFL free agency deadline approaches

Vikings Vixen is no Vikings football expert. I have definite opinions on the intricate and not so intricate operations of the Minnesota Vikings, but I am no football expert. I know that the NFL Free Agency frenzy will begin February 29th and that will mean players moving to and fro, but I often get lost in all the jargon (unrestricted, restricted, etc.) Most of the time I don’t really care, I just want to know who is going to be on the roster so I can review their Wikipedia profile - ha ha.

Apparently, other Vikings fans get lost in the terminology as well because our friends over at did a story on it. Check it out if you have questions on the three types of agents (free, unrestricted and restricted) or if you want to know about the salary cap calculations. Let me be honest, I read the article, but it was hard to digest and I like math.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vikings raise ticket prices

Does anyone else think it is ridiculous that the Minnesota Vikings raised their ticket prices this year (+3%) when they couldn’t even sell out the Atlanta Falcons, San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders or the Detroit Lions games last season? That’s four games! Out of 8! 50%! I think the Vikings are wrong if they think they will be able to fill the Metrodome up with higher priced seats in this ailing economy. More people are reading the want-ads than the sports page.

Besides the Viking team was 8-8 last year, if it wasn’t for Adrian Peterson, I doubt Vikings fans would come to the Dome at all. This Vikings Vixen will have to think long and hard about which games I am willing to pay money to see. There is no way I could afford Vikings season tickets, but I like to get tickets to a few of the big games and local ticket broker, Ticket King, always has seats. Boy, the increase of face value will definitely affect the scalpers bottom line as well . What were the Vikings thinking?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Keep Udeze in your prayers

It is reported that Vikings defensive end Kenechi Udeze has been diagnosed with Leukemia. Keep Kenechi and his family in your prayers along with all of the other families that are affected by cancer. Want to make a difference? Donate to your favorite cancer related charity!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Adrian Peterson Shines at the Pro-Bowl

Do most NFL fans agree with me that the real NFL season is over with the Super Bowl? I kind of forget that there is a Pro-Bowl game to consider and watch, but Vikings Vixen never really counted the Pro Bowl as a real NFL game. Anyway, yes I watched parts of NFL Pro-Bowl and I was jealous of the warm Honolulu sunshine while I sat praying that my car would start in the 40 below windchill. Yes 40 below, temperatures felt like 30 below. If you don't live in Minnesota, it may be hard to understand, but that is really really cold.

Minnesota Vikings superstar rookie Adrian Peterson made a good showing for the purple in Hawaii winning MVP after rushing for 129 yards and two touchdowns in the NFC’s 42-30 victory. Peterson joined Marshall Faulk as the only rookies to be voted MVP of the Pro Bowl. Peterson flew in his offensive line so they could spend the weekend with him in Hawaii and from the rumors around town they all had a great time…I wonder how many are married? Anyway, Adrian Peterson won a big shiny trophy and shiny new Cadillac that he intends to keep.

"Can I top this?" Peterson said, "Yeah, you always set your bar high."

How about the playoffs next year, Mr. Peterson? How about the playoffs?!?!!?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

What to do now Vikings fans

Well, the NFL season has officially ended now that the Super Bowl is over so my question to my fellow Vikings fans is what do we do now? For me it’s all about hockey. I do live IN THE STATE OF HOCKEY! I love the Minnesota Wild almost as much as the Vikings. Probably not as much because there are so many games to keep track of and because I can’t seem to master ice skating, but I can throw a pretty mean spiral.

I am going to try and trek over to St Paul and the Xcel Energy Center and take in a Minnesota Wild game. Most of the games are sold out through the Wild, but local ticket brokers like Ticket King have tickets to all of the games. Let’s go Wild!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

My favorite Super Bowl commercial was the E*Trade talking baby commercial. The one where he saved so much change that he splurged for the creepy clown made me laugh out loud.

I noticed there were a lot of animal commercials as well (dogs, horses, pigeons), but we all learned in Marketing 101 that babies and puppies are guaranteed to help sell products. My second favorite was the Will Ferell minor league basketball commercial and then the Bud Light commercial where they said Suck It – that was laugh out loud funny, too.

I also like the Pepsi Justin Timberlake commercial – I was a little irritated by the sucking noise, but once I understood what was going on, it was pretty clever. How about all the rest of the Vikings fans out there – what were your favorite Super Bowl Commercials? And how much did MySpace pay to be the exclusive one stop shop for viewing all the ads? Dang it, Tom – you have too much money! I am not linking to you!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl 42 turned out to be fantastic! I was rooting for the New York Giants and they won in a close matched game. Who would have thought that with such explosive offenses on the field, the defenses would be the stars? Every one is so worked up about the “upset” and I have to admit I get the enormity of beating an 18-0 team, but if you look at how each team played down the stretch, it’s not such a big deal to say the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots.

Move of the game? Hands down, when Eli Manning escaped the clutches of the Patriots defense, ran out of the pocket and completed the pass. I was on my feet cheering over that move. Way to go New York Giants! Congrats on being the Super Bowl Champions! We will see you at the Metrodome in 2008!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

It was a tough weekend last weekend with no football on TV. Good thing this weekend is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! I look forward to this day every year just like it’s my very own birthday. I always plan special Super Bowl appetizers for the family and we sit in front of the big screen and watch the big show and of course the commercials. What would the Super Bowl be if you couldn’t look forward to the commercials? You can count on the fact that next week Vikings Vixen will post about the game and I will be listing my favorite commercials! Enjoy the game Vikings fans!

No game on TV, might as well read:

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Could have the Vikings played their way to the Super Bowl?

With the New York Giants in the Super Bowl, I feel like the Minnesota Vikings could have just as easily played their way through the NFC playoffs into the Super Bowl. Does anyone disagree?

The Giants win at the Dallas Cowboys was impressive, and it was something the Vikings weren’t able to do in the regular season...But the game at Green Bay seemed like it would have favored the Vikings. Basically, I could see the Vikings in the position of the Giants: making late game interceptions and missing field goals until they finally make one. If the 10-6 Giants were able to maneuver their way through some tricky playoff situations, I could totally see a 9-7 Vikings team doing the same...if we could have only beat those Redskins! Now for the question if the Vikings could compete in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots… that’s another issue entirely.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

No NFL game this weekend

No NFL game this weekend? What will football fans do? Watch the NHL All-Star game on TV? Buy Timberwolves tickets and head over to the Target Center for a Wolves vs Nets match-up? Vikings Vixen is just thankful that the NFL weans all of us football junkies/addicts off gently. It's a classic crescendo actually, Pre-Season warm-up, Regular Season steady rhythm, then NFL playoff games that decrease in number each week until the Super Bowl - a sweet release (I think I need a cigarette.)

This years Super Bowl is in Phoenix, Arizona – I see local ticket broker Ticket King has Super Bowl Tickets for $3,400 – wow! If I could pay it I would, I just want to get out of this freezing cold tundra! A trip to sunny Phoenix sounds wonderful…

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Packers handed it to the Giants

Oh, the poor Packers. The good folks of Green Bay, Wisconsin thought it was all wrapped up. I even saw a cartoon in the opinions section of the Pioneer Press joking that the game would be a cakewalk for the Pack. Brett Favre was at the helm in sub-zero temperatures. What could possibly go wrong?

Well… everything. Favre’s offense stalled when the Packers needed him the most. The New York Giants had multiple chances at winning the game due to Favre’s turnovers. Basically, the Packers handed the game over. Oddly, the weather turned out to be to the Giants favor. Put Favre in a dome or in 20 degree warmer weather and it would be no contest Packers all the way. Oh well, Favre is coming back next year right?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

NFL Playoffs Fixed

Well my football predictions for last weekend didn’t work out so well. I am still in shock that the Indianapolis Colts and the Dallas Cowboys got knocked out of the NFL playoffs. Sure I am happy for all those Packer fans that can stay at Lambeau and watch this Sundays game and I bet Brett Favre is ecstatic he doesn’t have to make the dreaded trip to Dallas, but it just seems surreal that the Cowboys could get beat by the Giants and the Colts by the San Diego Chargers – the Vikings beat the Chargers for crying out loud!

Is it possible NFL outcomes are fixed????? Yes, Vikings Vixen is joining the bands of conspiracy nutcases out there.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Individual Viking efforts honored

I haven't talked much about individual Vikings player achievements so I thought I would post something positive about the Vikings for a change. The Minnesota Vikings did have bright spots in the 8-8 season, and Associated Press All-Pro honors highlight some of the greatest individual efforts. Steve Hutchinson and Kevin Williams were both named first team All-Pro, while Adrian Peterson, Tony Richardson, Pat Williams and Darren Sharper were all selected to the second team.

Compared to other NFC North teams, the Vikings ranked first with six players while the Detroit Lions had no players voted All-Pro. No All-Pros on a team that was supposed to go 10-6 this season according to Jon Kitna? The Vikings six All-Pros was second to only the New England Patriots, who had nine overall. Way to go Vikes!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vikings offseason blogging

Hey Minnesota Vikings Vixen fans . . .in the off-season I will pledge to you that I will write every Thursday in this blog. I know that some of the really dedicated Vikings bloggers still write every day, but I just can’t think of that many things to write about when the season is not in session . . . Let me revise my pledge, I will write in this Vikings blog at least every Thursday and maybe more (you have to keep that element of surprise in there!) – I did write yesterday, too! Enjoy the games this weekend football fans, I know I will!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

NFL Playoffs

Well, it’s the Vikings offseason, but there is still plenty of NFL playoff action going on and this weekend’s games should be top notch. After all, the Vikings arch rival the Green Bay Packers will be playing for the NFC championship on Saturday. In fact, I have fantasy lovers in every game this weekend. Just in case you wanted to know who Vikings Vixen lusts after, here they are,,,along with this weekends NFL Playoff Schedule and my predictions.

Saturday, January 12
Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers, 4:30 pm – fantasy lover: Brett Favre (Packers all the way)

Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots – obvious fantasy lover: Tom Brady and maybe a little bit of bad boy Randy Moss (Patriots all the way)

Sunday, January 13
San Diego at Indianapolis Colts, 1 pm – fantasy lover: Peyton Manning and I have a little thing for local Minnesota boy Ben Utecht (Colts all the way)
New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys, 4:30 pm – fantasy lover: Tony Romo, of course! (Cowboys all the way)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Playoff Games this weekend

Of course this blog entry can’t be about the Vikings because we aren’t in the playoffs so I might as well write about my famous pickle sandwiches. They are so tasty with a soft tortilla outside and a crunchy dill inside. They go great during NFL games. I am sure I will eat a few this weekend when watching the Wild Card match-ups.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Minnesota Vikings Fans! We won’t be watching any Vikings football on TV for the next 8 months of 2008, but there is still plenty of NFL football on TV and I do enjoy the NFL playoff season. I will not, I repeat will not be cheering for the Green Bay Packers…of course there is always the New England Patriots, but since I am convinced Tony Romo is my soul mate, I am cheering for the Dallas Cowboys. Go Big D!!!!