Thursday, June 25, 2009

Its official?

All of the Brett Favre rumors can be laid to rest, kind of. According to multiple sources this week, although the Vikings camp has remained mute, Brett Favre will be joining the Vikings at their July training camp.

According to radio announces and, Brett Favre has agreed to sign with the Vikings and the team and Favre are just waiting for a quiet media day (supposedly July 3rd) to make the announcement. One source even went as far as to say that the equipment manager for the Vikings already had a purple jersey with the number 4 and Favre's name on the back ordered. Whether or not that is true, this Vikings Vixen can't really say but what I do know is that I would LOVE to see Brett play here in Minnesota and if all of these unofficially "official" sources are saying that the signing deal is on its way I'll go with it.

There is only one thing for sure with all of the Favre mania, if the Vikings do get this football legend, the game against the Packers this season will be out of control and I for one want to be there for all of the action. Stay posted for a more official announcement that Farve will be wearing purple this season!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vikings Season Ticket Holder Event

Vikings Vixen thought the first ever “State of the Vikings” event was a cool move. Brad Childress Zygi Wilf and crew sat atop the State Theatre Minneapolis stage and talked to over 1,000 Vikings season ticket holders. What did they talk about? Favre, of course and what to expect in the upcoming season combined with a whole lotta of Vikings propaganda.

I am wise enough to know that the first ever event is an effort for the Vikings to appear more fan friendly which would help gain public support for that new stadium Zygi has been salivating over. I was surprised that the attendance numbers weren’t a little higher, but I think when season ticket holders RSVP’d they had no idea all the Favre hype would reach such an intense level. Imagine if Brett Favre himself would have been in attendance!

Anyway, every one knows that the decision to wear purple is all up to Brett – I personally am hoping for the chance to see Brett Favre in the Vikings jersey. The suspense is killing me.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brett Favre Boycott

I am seriously considering a Brett Favre boycott on my blog. The Brett Favre news reports are getting ridiculous! And I am talking about the actual NEWS media reports, you know the PRESS – the people who are supposed to get it right and report truthful information to the masses.

I swear they sit around the newsroom and say - it’s a slow day, let’s report a Brett Favre story and ‘bam’ one is created – true or not.

On Monday, we all heard that the Minnesota Vikings (who exactly is it when they refer to the whole team – Brad Childress, Zygi Wilf, the secretary? Who?) imposed an end of the week deadline on Brett Favre to make a decision on whether he is going to join the Minnesota Vikings or not. I heard it on ESPN, but the local news was reporting the same deadline story. Then Yesterday, I heard Brad Childress himself say there is no such deadline in place. I was like, what? Come on.

I was actually excited to hear about the deadline. At one point I wanted Brett Favre to be a Viking no matter what hoops we had to jump through to get to him, but now I just want to know – “What is it going to be, boy? Yes or No?” (in true Meatloaf fashion) – I am sick of the “sleeping on it” status.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Percy Harvin from Gator to Viking

There is no doubt that Minnesota Vikings fans will be keeping an eye on Percy Harvin this season. The Florida Gator is excited to join the NFL Vikings and had some interesting things to say about him that has this Vikings Vixen pretty excited:

“Anyone who watched Percy Harvin play while he was with the Florida Gators knows how hard it is to contain him. Yes, he’s quicker than the eye and possesses an extra gear to burst away from defenders. But he’s also difficult to corral because he’s hard to locate – he never seems to line up in the same spot twice.

Perhaps the best way to describe Harvin is by calling him dynamic. He can line up out wide by the numbers, or in the slot, or in the backfield or even at QB. You can shift the formation with him, send him in motion or even snap the ball to him.”

And a little nervous:

“He’s struggled a little bit,” Bevell admitted. “And again, it’s not something that we didn’t expect because we’ve really put a lot on his plate. There was one pass (play) that he was blocking on. He just needs to get used to the terms…he heard one term in the play that means one thing but there’s another term that changes it. So he’s swimming a little bit but that’s to be expected.”

And excited:

“I look at that guy as a playmaker,” Vikings superstar running back Adrian Peterson said. “I look at him as a guy that once you get the ball in his hands he can definitely make a play and take it to the house. Opposing defenses are definitely going to have to respect that.”

“We’re throwing in some new plays and different looks out there,” Peterson said. “I’m sure he’s exhausted. I’m exhausted for him with all the running around he’s doing. But he’s a tremendous athlete and he has a lot of ability.”

Bevell offered a similar sentiment, saying that there are “20 to 30” plays designed to get Harvin the ball, with 15 to 20 of those that are new to the playbook since Harvin’s arrival.

I am sure Percy Harvin helped sell plenty of Florida Gators Football Tickets and I bet he will sell some extra Minnesota Vikings tickets, too!