Monday, February 27, 2012

RG3 Probably Not a Viking

With the Vikings holding the No. 3 overall in the NFL Draft, it was possible that RG3 would be coming to Minneapolis. However, with his unofficial times of 4.38 and 4.41 in Sunday morning's workout more than solidified his status as the second-most popular player in this draft.

Andrew Luck will without a doubt hold the No. 1 spot.

RG3 will most likely go to the Saint Louis Rams or a team that trades up to the No. 2 spot.

Vikings, TCF Stadium Tentatively Reach Deal

The Minnesota Vikings sure know their way around the word 'tenative'. Only a few days after coming to a tentative deal to determine who will pay how much for the construction of a new stadium, another deal of the tentative nature has emerged.

The Vikings and the University of Minnesota have struck a tentative deal regarding the amount of money it will cost the organization to play at TCF Bank Stadium when construction is underway.

The number of games and the price to play there are still unknown. However there are some logistical answers: there will be about 3,000 temporary seats added to the venue's endzone. This would bring the capacity to about 53,000.

The Vikings have close to 53,000 season ticket holders.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Minnesota Vikings Going Younger

The Minnesota Vikings are going younger this off season in their attempt to catch up with the rest NFC North. Some of the Vikes most experienced starters have contracts and ages that make them candidates for a pay cut - or being cut.

Steve Hutchinson, a former Michigan All-American, is scheduled to make just under $7 million in 2012. This year wraps up as the final installment of a seven-year deal worth as much as $49 million.

Hutchinson said he wouldn't be surprised if the Vikings asked him to redo his deal to stay this season. He also recognized the possibility of being let go before the new league year begins and the free agency opens next month.

Hutchinson's 2011 season ended early, but that wasn't necessarily a negative or detrimental. The Vikings finished 3-13, an embarrassing record for everyone.

Minnesota Vikings Football Stadium Deal

Still no finalization of the Stadium deal. Go figure.

According to an estimate released last month, the city would put in $150 million, the team $428 million and the state $340 million for a stadium at the Dome site. There were reports over the weekend that anonymous sources put the state's contribution at about $400 million.

The Vikings have not specified a contribution.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Vikings Stadium Plan Unworkable

A Vikings spokesman said Friday that the team owners don't like a new proposal to fund a $1 billion stadium in the Twins Cities suburbs using ticket fees and other game-related charges.

The plan was dubbed as problematic. Vikings owners have favored the Ramsey County site in the community of Arden Hills over options in downtown Minneapolis, but the agreement between the Vikings and Ramsey County hinged on the team receiving parking revenue and naming rights as well as no admissions tax.

Pull Your 84 Jerseys Out

If any team out there is looking for a 35 year old wide receiver who was once the best in the game, this is their time.

Randy Moss has announced that he will be returning to the field, assuming a team picks him up.

"I just wanna go to a team and play some football," Moss said.

Moss is a four-time All-Pro that apparently left the game because of family issues, but has now reportedly got the all clear. "Your boy be back for the upcoming season."

I personally think its a great idea that Moss comes back, purely for the entertainment value. Not only will he likely be a zoo on the field and in press conferences, but generally when Moss makes extreme moves, there is a video about it.

#straightcashhomie #finalpushfornewstadium #thisisgonnabeafunride

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New(er) Vikings Stadium Plan

I don't know about you, but I have certainly lost count on how many Vikings Stadium plans are floating around... and yet, here is another:

The latest idea would build the stadium just east of the Metrodome on a parking lot. The new plan would, in theory, cut the time the Vikings would have to play at the U of M's TCF Bank Stadium - which the Vikings are opposed to doing at all.

Ted Mondale of the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission says the plan could have a new stadium as much as three-fourths done before the Dome would have to be demolished.

I have yet to see an artistic rendering of this proposal, but Google Maps was able to provide me with a visual of the parking lot I assume is at the heart of the location. The lot is denoted by the letter 'A'. Just a guesstimate, but I am thinking three-fourths is an overestimation and that there is no way the new stadium could be 75% completed before the Dome is dome-molished.

However, I respect Mondale for his ability to throw out fractions like fact - its great salesmanship seeing as most people probably won't go to the trouble of researching like I did. What... a politician.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Minnesota Vikings Stadium by Target Field? Yes, please!

There had been talk of relocating the Vikings' new stadium to areas near Target Field. Those plans tentatively had my vote. Now, however, it appears as though those plans have been scratched... to my disappointment.

Yes, traffic would have been terrible on nights where events overlap. Sure, the same goes for parking.

However, the light rail would actually have customers seeing as how traffic and parking would be terrible. That means the light rail would actually pay for itself and the city could stop just saying it does.

The Block E economy could sure use the boost of an additional stadium. As we have seen by the closing of several key restaurants, the Twins and the Wolves are not enough to sustain the whole block. Perhaps Vikings fans could make the difference. I'm not sure HCMC feels the same economic stimulus from the Metrodome...

The atmosphere would be unbelievable. 'Nough said.

If it were up to me, I would build the new Vikings stadium by Target Field for sure.