Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cordarrelle Patterson Highlights

Given how much you Viking fans like highlight videos of players (our page views show you guys can’t get enough!), I figured I would treat you to one of the best on the interwebz.

The below video belongs to Cordarrelle Patterson, and given how quick the highlights come in the package, like his nickname, it feels like the video is done in a flash.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Vikings Home Bench Location At TCF Bank Stadium

Want to be seated on the home team side and be in view of the Vikings bench as you attend a game this year at TCF Bank Stadium? Then be sure to purchase tickets in between the sections of 107 and 114.

Getting seats there can be a fun experience for a Vikings fan, as you are in view of some behind the scenes dealings during games - such as coaches talking to players and players getting taped up. While we have tickets on either side of the stadium, we just thought all of you Vikings fans should know where the home team’s bench will be.

Tickets are selling fast this year, so if you want to be the first one of your friends to see Bridgewater in person, you need to get tickets today! We sell tickets for every Vikings game, and you can check them out here. Skol Vikings!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Adrian Peterson Is The Number 4 Player In The NFL Top 100

As's annual Top 100 list revealed it's top 10 last night, it came as no surprise to Vikings fans that Purple Jesus found himself apart of such an esteemed list.

Peterson wound up taking the number four spot, and in doing so, was the highest ranked running back in the NFL. In overall rankings he fell behind only Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson and Tom Brady.