Thursday, August 27, 2009

First 2 Minnesota Vikings Preseason Games are Wins

Favre playing as a Viking for the first time
Although it is still summer in Minnesota, evident by the abundant sunshine and smells of the state fair wandering through the metro this week... the Minnesota Vikings preseason is already half way over and the Vikings have two large "W's" to post on the scoreboard.

After an exciting Vikings-media-blitz centering on the Brett Favre signing, the pressure was on for the Vikings to prove that signing Favre was advantageous for the scoreboard and not just for the free publicity. My boys did just that in their second preseason game, the first time the Vikes were at home this year. In the Vikings- KC Chiefs match-up last Friday at the Metrodome, the Vikings dominated winning 17-13 with Favre seeing game time.

After the first big Favre win, it is rumored that Favre will be playing the whole first half in both remaining preseason games. If this is true, Minnesota Vikings Cowboys Tickets will be a hot buy, with all of the Vikings fans who missed out on Brett Favre at home the first time trying to get in on the action.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brett Favre signs with the Minnesota Vikings (insert jaw drop here)

This summer's ups and downs with the Minnesota Vikings have made this Vikings Vixen question if she is losing her ability to read her team... After telling you all summer that Brett Favre was just days away from signing, then having to report that the supposed training camp deadline had come and the potential of Favre playing in purple was gone, I now have to take all of it (or half of it, I'm not sure) back.


After arriving in Minnesota on Tuesday morning, the former Green Bay Packer and retiree was picked up by Childress himself and the Twin Cities media followed the car like it was the OJ chase round two. The now famous pictures of Brett Favre in his purple helmet and red practice jersey have appeared everywhere, but just in case you have missed any of it the following is a video of his first day in Minnesota.

Tomorrow's Minnesota Vikings - Kansas City Chiefs preseason game will be a great one but Minnesota Vikings tickets are going fast so don't miss your chance to get in on all of the Favre mania, as he steps out onto the Metrodome field for the first time!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Training Camp is over and now it is time for the Minnesota Vikings to get down to business

With the end of the Minnesota Vikings 2009 Training Camp this week, one thing is clear... Nobody knows how this season will go for the Vikings. At the end of last season with 9 wins in 12 games and a historic play-off appearance, things were finally looking good for our boys. Then Brad Childress, supposedly the Quarterback Guru, spent all of the off season courting Brett Favre. Where did that get the Vikings, a fair bit of pre-season media attention but no quarterback.

So now, Childress is back-peddling trying to prove that camp has changed his opinion of Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson, two quarterbacks that while he was chasing Favre were forgotten. With the first game of the preseason today it is clear that if the Vikings don't step onto the field confident with their choice, whoever it is, this season will be an uphill battle not only with the media but also internally to prove that they didn't just waste a ton of time with the whole Favre-mania thing this spring.

In my opinion, although it was tres disappointing to not have Mr. Favre pull on purple this season, Sage is ready. I have always felt that he was a good trade and if Brad Childress can make the right calls from the sidelines, Sage will be able to put the ball where it needs to be. Tonight the Vikings take on the Indianapolis Colts in Indiana, I for one will be glued to the TV in eager anticipation of seeing my boys out on the field for the first time this year!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vikings Quarterback race is on...

Unless you have been gone from not only Minnesota but anywhere that there is a TV you know that Brett Favre, after months of going back and forth and flirting with Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress, has decided that he will not leave retirement to play for the Minnesota Vikings this season... I guess I think I am surprised? It seemed like such a done deal but then again maybe it appered that way because I was hoping to see Mr. Favre in a purple #4 jersey, or perhaps I just liked what his joining the team would do to ticket sales... either way we are in a disappointment city.

The silver lining though, is now that I have put my crystal ball away and am done making Favre predictions, this Vikings Vixen can turn her attention back to more important things, like who will be listed as starting quarterback on the Vikings roster. As of the start of training camp there are 2 front-runners: Sage Rosenfels, the 9th year Vikings vet and Tarvaris Jackson, who is starting his 4th year in the NFL. Although neither QB has the star-power that Favre brought in Brad Childress believes that they are capable of taking the Vikings far this season. In a simple yet telling quote to the media Childress said, "We're Good." Lets hope so...