Thursday, January 31, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

It was a tough weekend last weekend with no football on TV. Good thing this weekend is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! I look forward to this day every year just like it’s my very own birthday. I always plan special Super Bowl appetizers for the family and we sit in front of the big screen and watch the big show and of course the commercials. What would the Super Bowl be if you couldn’t look forward to the commercials? You can count on the fact that next week Vikings Vixen will post about the game and I will be listing my favorite commercials! Enjoy the game Vikings fans!

No game on TV, might as well read:

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Could have the Vikings played their way to the Super Bowl?

With the New York Giants in the Super Bowl, I feel like the Minnesota Vikings could have just as easily played their way through the NFC playoffs into the Super Bowl. Does anyone disagree?

The Giants win at the Dallas Cowboys was impressive, and it was something the Vikings weren’t able to do in the regular season...But the game at Green Bay seemed like it would have favored the Vikings. Basically, I could see the Vikings in the position of the Giants: making late game interceptions and missing field goals until they finally make one. If the 10-6 Giants were able to maneuver their way through some tricky playoff situations, I could totally see a 9-7 Vikings team doing the same...if we could have only beat those Redskins! Now for the question if the Vikings could compete in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots… that’s another issue entirely.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

No NFL game this weekend

No NFL game this weekend? What will football fans do? Watch the NHL All-Star game on TV? Buy Timberwolves tickets and head over to the Target Center for a Wolves vs Nets match-up? Vikings Vixen is just thankful that the NFL weans all of us football junkies/addicts off gently. It's a classic crescendo actually, Pre-Season warm-up, Regular Season steady rhythm, then NFL playoff games that decrease in number each week until the Super Bowl - a sweet release (I think I need a cigarette.)

This years Super Bowl is in Phoenix, Arizona – I see local ticket broker Ticket King has Super Bowl Tickets for $3,400 – wow! If I could pay it I would, I just want to get out of this freezing cold tundra! A trip to sunny Phoenix sounds wonderful…

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Packers handed it to the Giants

Oh, the poor Packers. The good folks of Green Bay, Wisconsin thought it was all wrapped up. I even saw a cartoon in the opinions section of the Pioneer Press joking that the game would be a cakewalk for the Pack. Brett Favre was at the helm in sub-zero temperatures. What could possibly go wrong?

Well… everything. Favre’s offense stalled when the Packers needed him the most. The New York Giants had multiple chances at winning the game due to Favre’s turnovers. Basically, the Packers handed the game over. Oddly, the weather turned out to be to the Giants favor. Put Favre in a dome or in 20 degree warmer weather and it would be no contest Packers all the way. Oh well, Favre is coming back next year right?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

NFL Playoffs Fixed

Well my football predictions for last weekend didn’t work out so well. I am still in shock that the Indianapolis Colts and the Dallas Cowboys got knocked out of the NFL playoffs. Sure I am happy for all those Packer fans that can stay at Lambeau and watch this Sundays game and I bet Brett Favre is ecstatic he doesn’t have to make the dreaded trip to Dallas, but it just seems surreal that the Cowboys could get beat by the Giants and the Colts by the San Diego Chargers – the Vikings beat the Chargers for crying out loud!

Is it possible NFL outcomes are fixed????? Yes, Vikings Vixen is joining the bands of conspiracy nutcases out there.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Individual Viking efforts honored

I haven't talked much about individual Vikings player achievements so I thought I would post something positive about the Vikings for a change. The Minnesota Vikings did have bright spots in the 8-8 season, and Associated Press All-Pro honors highlight some of the greatest individual efforts. Steve Hutchinson and Kevin Williams were both named first team All-Pro, while Adrian Peterson, Tony Richardson, Pat Williams and Darren Sharper were all selected to the second team.

Compared to other NFC North teams, the Vikings ranked first with six players while the Detroit Lions had no players voted All-Pro. No All-Pros on a team that was supposed to go 10-6 this season according to Jon Kitna? The Vikings six All-Pros was second to only the New England Patriots, who had nine overall. Way to go Vikes!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vikings offseason blogging

Hey Minnesota Vikings Vixen fans . . .in the off-season I will pledge to you that I will write every Thursday in this blog. I know that some of the really dedicated Vikings bloggers still write every day, but I just can’t think of that many things to write about when the season is not in session . . . Let me revise my pledge, I will write in this Vikings blog at least every Thursday and maybe more (you have to keep that element of surprise in there!) – I did write yesterday, too! Enjoy the games this weekend football fans, I know I will!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

NFL Playoffs

Well, it’s the Vikings offseason, but there is still plenty of NFL playoff action going on and this weekend’s games should be top notch. After all, the Vikings arch rival the Green Bay Packers will be playing for the NFC championship on Saturday. In fact, I have fantasy lovers in every game this weekend. Just in case you wanted to know who Vikings Vixen lusts after, here they are,,,along with this weekends NFL Playoff Schedule and my predictions.

Saturday, January 12
Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers, 4:30 pm – fantasy lover: Brett Favre (Packers all the way)

Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots – obvious fantasy lover: Tom Brady and maybe a little bit of bad boy Randy Moss (Patriots all the way)

Sunday, January 13
San Diego at Indianapolis Colts, 1 pm – fantasy lover: Peyton Manning and I have a little thing for local Minnesota boy Ben Utecht (Colts all the way)
New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys, 4:30 pm – fantasy lover: Tony Romo, of course! (Cowboys all the way)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Playoff Games this weekend

Of course this blog entry can’t be about the Vikings because we aren’t in the playoffs so I might as well write about my famous pickle sandwiches. They are so tasty with a soft tortilla outside and a crunchy dill inside. They go great during NFL games. I am sure I will eat a few this weekend when watching the Wild Card match-ups.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Minnesota Vikings Fans! We won’t be watching any Vikings football on TV for the next 8 months of 2008, but there is still plenty of NFL football on TV and I do enjoy the NFL playoff season. I will not, I repeat will not be cheering for the Green Bay Packers…of course there is always the New England Patriots, but since I am convinced Tony Romo is my soul mate, I am cheering for the Dallas Cowboys. Go Big D!!!!