Thursday, July 23, 2009

Minnesota Vikings Roster is starting to be nailed down

While I'm sure that if you just read the title to this post you may be led to think that the illusive Mr. Favre finally made his decision about if he would be joining the Vikings roster this fall... do not hold your breath, he hasn't yet.

No this post has to do with the Vikings 3rd round draft pick, Asher Allen who signed his contract with the Vikings today. Although the details were not publicly released I'm hoping that it was for 4 or 5 seasons and that the Vikings are going to hold onto the talented cornerback. The Vikings first round pick, Percy Harvin, and second round pick, Phil Loadholt, have still not signed contracts but have the training camp deadline quickly approaching.

The first day of practice for the Vikings is July 31st, so if you want advice from this Vikings Vixen, buy your Vikings Tickets before then because as soon as the final roster is announced ticket sales are for sure to go up!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

One Last Brett Favre "prediction"

Brett Favre practicing in Mississippi

I know that it seems I have had nothing to say recently that didn't revolve around Brett Favre and what he will do come football season, but in my defense during the off season there isn't much to talk about. However, in an interview with the Associated Press (a source I would say is definitely reliable) Brett Farve was QUOTED as saying that he knew he was "running out of time" to give our Vikings the final decision. In the same interview Favre himself set the July 30 deadline, perhaps to squash the rumors that the delay was because he didn't want to play in the training camp.

When talking candidly about his arm and his expectations for the season Favre told the reporter, "I'm trying to make sure that if I go back that part is completely resolved."

He made an analogy to golf as well saying, "What if, Tiger Woods came back and found he didn't have the same game? He goes out and hits a 2 iron and he thinks it will go the normal distance it has all his life, then all of a sudden it's 13 yards short, and he says, 'I don't know why that is because everything felt perfect,' so that's what I have to get through," Favre said.

Many critics are saying that Favre has taken his sweet time making a decision because he is worried that unless he comes back on top of his game 100% he will just be the old guy who didn't know when to give it a rest. Though there are plenty saying he was always going to come back and he is just waiting for the best deal he can get. Either way time is about to run out and it seems safe to say that in a short two weeks this Vikings Vixen will be able to post about something other than Mr. Favre. Perhaps I will be able to comment on what his choice did to ticket prices?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A slow media day comes and goes

Two weeks ago, this Vikings Vixen reported that Brett Favre would be making his announcement to join the Minnesota Vikings roster on July 3rd supposedly a slow media day. No such announcement came, though Sarah Palin did take the absence of a Favre-media-blitz to announce that she will be ending her term as governor of Alaska... so maybe my prediction wasn't totally off.

With the football season still weeks away and training camps not until the end of the month, it is no surprise that almost all of the talk in football right now is the "will he or won't he" debate. A few heavy hitters have chimed in this week, only making it harder to decide what is "fact" vs. what is fiction. The Vikings trainer Eric Sugarman went to Mississippi this week to check in on Favre after his surgery and see how is recovery was doing, Sugarman reported back that Favre was doing well and would be ready to play by the end of the month for the Vikings training camp in Mankato.

Then Jerry Rice, a seasoned NFL veteran weighed in saying that all of the gossip spreaders (I guess that includes me) needed to remember one thing, Favre's age. Although he still is young by AARP standards, in football years he is well past his expiration date. While Rice never came out and said, "Favre should not play this season." He did seem to be saying that the game is fast-paced, the season is long, and Favre's arm isn't getting any younger.

So it seems, Vikings fans, we are no closer to a decision this week than we were last week and with all of these "experts" putting in their two cents, its hard to figure out if it will even benefit the team in the long run... All I can say is that I hope the announcement comes soon, the season is right around the corner and it is time to get down to some real football talk.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Brett Favre Rumors Are Far From Over

Another week passes and yet the Favre rumors continue to fly. With the supposed date of announcement getting closer it is no wonder that Minnesota Vikings fans are going crazy trying to figure out if Favre will or will not being pulling on purple this season. One thing is for sure though, if you already have a purple #4 jersey it is not official. The NFL apparel officials released a statement today saying that any of these “early-release” jerseys are NOT authentic and not endorsed by the NFL. Yet it seems with the hysteria mounting that companies wouldn’t be printing so many of these faux-Favre jerseys if they didn’t have some indication that they would sell.

With all of the Favre rumors and press releases it is hard to even remember there is a whole rest of a roster that is still making news and preparing to play football. Today it was announced officially, no pomp and circumstance necessary, that one of the Vikings 5 draft picks, Jasper Brinkley, reached a deal and now has a signed contract with the team. It is predicted that the Vikings intend to play Brinkley quite a bit this season and that he will be a fairly permanent fixture on the special teams.

Today’s announcement may just go to show that even if the Brett-mania turns out to be nothing but rumor and a crazy publicity stunt the Vikings are getting ready for a great football season and there are plenty of other roster members who will be ready to pull on the purple jersey and play. I for one can not wait to see the boys take the field!