Thursday, July 2, 2009

Brett Favre Rumors Are Far From Over

Another week passes and yet the Favre rumors continue to fly. With the supposed date of announcement getting closer it is no wonder that Minnesota Vikings fans are going crazy trying to figure out if Favre will or will not being pulling on purple this season. One thing is for sure though, if you already have a purple #4 jersey it is not official. The NFL apparel officials released a statement today saying that any of these “early-release” jerseys are NOT authentic and not endorsed by the NFL. Yet it seems with the hysteria mounting that companies wouldn’t be printing so many of these faux-Favre jerseys if they didn’t have some indication that they would sell.

With all of the Favre rumors and press releases it is hard to even remember there is a whole rest of a roster that is still making news and preparing to play football. Today it was announced officially, no pomp and circumstance necessary, that one of the Vikings 5 draft picks, Jasper Brinkley, reached a deal and now has a signed contract with the team. It is predicted that the Vikings intend to play Brinkley quite a bit this season and that he will be a fairly permanent fixture on the special teams.

Today’s announcement may just go to show that even if the Brett-mania turns out to be nothing but rumor and a crazy publicity stunt the Vikings are getting ready for a great football season and there are plenty of other roster members who will be ready to pull on the purple jersey and play. I for one can not wait to see the boys take the field!


Favre Fan said...

Official or not I can not wait to wear a purple Favre jersey... any news on when an announcement will be made?

Cortney said...

Haha it's always a rollercoaster ride when it comes to Brett Farve's announcements, isn't it? I hope they figure this out soon...the suspense is killing me!