Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Vikings Tickets Need to Sell

The Minnesota Vikings still have almost 2,000 Vikings Tickets to sell before the game on Sunday vs. the San Diego Chargers can be considered a sell-out. The Vikings have until Thursday at noon to sell the tickets. This Minnesota Vikings fan doesn’t think it will be an issue, but the Vikings need all the press they can get since they can’t seem to generate their own fan excitement by winning games.

I see there are Vikings Tickets out there for less than $10 per ticket - that is affordable pro sports entertainment. I will see you at the Dome! It will be the Minnesota Vikings 100th consecutive home sellout!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Vikings Quarterback Questions Continue

The big question on many Minnesota Vikings fans is “Who will play quarterback on Sunday November 4th vs the San Diego Chargers?” Will it be “third stringer” Brooks Bollinger or Brad Childress project child Tarvaris Jackson?

"If Tarvaris can play, he'll play," Childress said. "I think he has improved."

I think Vikings fans wouldn’t mind seeing Bollinger leading the squad. He seemed to have some fire last Sunday and this Vikings Vixen thinks Brooks Bollinger deserves a starting role. Unfortunately, our head coach is a stubborn blind man and won’t admit that Tarvaris Jackson may not be all the he is hyped up to be. I understand grooming a team for the future, but not at the expense of the present. If you have a soilid head coach, he can do both.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Vikings lose to Philly

The Minnesota Vikings lost to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday 23-16. The Vikings offense continued to sputter and put just one touchdown on the board. With the exception of a few Adrian Peterson bursts (70 yard day), the Vikings offense lacked explosion, especially at key times, and was unable to finish drives with touchdowns. The Vikings entered Eagles territory five times, including three trips inside the red zone, but were forced to settle for Ryan Longwell field goals or Chris Kluwe punts.

Vikings Quarterback Kelly Holcomb started the game and threw for 88 yards before being injured. Back-up Back-up quarterback Brooks Bollinger then came in and tried his best to fire up the offense. Bollinger looked strong and marched the Vikes down field with short completions and a quick-hitting passing game, but it wasn’t enough to score the elusive touchdown.

Bollinger ended the day seven of ten for 94 yards. Comparably, Eagles QB Donovan McNabb had 333 passing yards. The Vikings defense did their part by keeping on top of the Philadelphia offense by sacking Donovan McNabb and stalling drives short of the endzone, but their pass defense still needs to be turned up a notch.

I think my favorite part of the game was when the Vikings succeeded with an onside kick after their first score. It was a surprise play and it was enough to fire up the fans at the Metrodome. Vikings fans need firing up as the team falls to 2-5 on the season.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tarvaris Injury may keep him out of the game

Vikings Vixen just realized that in all of her ranting about Tarvaris Jackson, I forgot to mention that Jackson injured his right index finger, fractured it really. Jackson said the injury occurred in the second half of Sunday's 24-14 loss at Dallas. Doctors diagnosed an avulsion fracture Monday morning; in essence, a piece of his bone was pulled apart by trauma. The team's medical staff told Jackson that he would not further harm the finger by playing, but on Monday it was too swollen for him to throw even the most basic passes. Jackson also must wear a splint for the next four weeks when not on the field.

Here’s the best quote: (perhaps I will start a Quote of the Week segment here on Vikings Football Home)

"The doctor said I can play with it," Jackson said. "It's just about me and if I can throw the football with it."

Tarvaris Jackson! You can’t throw the football with it when it isn’t fractured! Jackson is completing 45.9 percent of his passes. His 48.7 passer rating qualifies as the NFL's third worst among eligible quarterbacks.

Childress has acknowledged that he and his staff have been discussing the "fine line" between Jackson's continuing on-field development and the team's overall competitiveness. And Vikings Vixen say’s its about time. Come on Dr. Phil – get your head in the game, not your heart.

Tarvaris Jackson rant by a Sports Writer

Ok, I know I am just a girl with Vikings football opinions that may not even be that interesting to most people (I know my mom reads my blog, thanks mom) and sometimes my opinions and game reviews may not be interesting and probably seem rehashed and redundant. . .but I just can’t help myself. I read this Tarvaris Jackson article on this morning and I just have to share it with my Vikings blog readers. Tom Powers Tarvaris Jackson rant is better than mine ever was and Vikings fans have to read it. Click here for the story, but I am copying a few of my favorite lines below:

“…you can't flush an entire season down the drain while you try to develop a
quarterback. Period.”

“Had the Vikings, who are well below the salary cap, signed a decent veteran
quarterback during the offseason, they easily could be 4-2 right now.”

“OK, they screwed up. Everybody makes a mistake. But do they have to pretend
they didn't? There's no reason to live with this error week after week. “

“By chasing some long-term goal, they are wasting an opportunity right here in
the present.”

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tarvaris Jackson Rant

If the Vikings hope to salvage anything from this season, they have to pull the plug on Tarvaris Jackson. We have a dynamic offensive weapon in Adrian Peterson, an offensive line that can push other teams around and a top notch defense that just won’t quit, especially against the run. Brad Childress claims to run a west coast offense, but what I see from the Vikings is far from west coast, east coast, far coast, near coast whatever – it’s a nothing offense. Yes, we have AP, but we need a passing game as well just to mix things up. If you never pass the ball, the opposing teams' safeties and tight ends start creeping toward the line of scrimmage and then you have no chance of getting any big runs. You have to keep the safety on his toes and playing mid field or there are just too many bodies at the line for any running back to get through.

Brad Chilldress you have gotten yourself into quite of a pickle. I think you really put all your eggs in one basket (as my grandmother would say) with this Tarvaris Jackson boy and although I don’t think Kelly Holcomb is that much better, let’s at least give him or Brooks Bollinger a shot. Jackson just doesn’t look like NFL material.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Vikings Lose to Dallas Cowboys

The Minnesota Vikings lost to the Dallas Cowboys yesterday 24-14 in Dallas and I have to say Vikings Vixen was not surprised. Not surprised by the loss, but very surprised that our offense continues to look like a train wreck and no changes are made. Just a week after stunning the Bears in Soldier Field, the Vikings offense looked sad and pathetic. Versus the Bears, it was the Adrian Peterson phenom show, but there are no highlight reels for the Dallas Cowboys game (really for either team).

Vikings Vixen blames Tarvaris Jackson (again!). He has not shown the ability to throw the ball down field. As an NFL quarterback, you have to be able to hit your wide receivers in stride and Tarvaris Jackson can’t do that, he can hardly manage the hand offs to AP. His passes are either too far out of bounds for the receivers to catch them (even if they had Inspecter Gadget arms) or he drastically underthrows like he did to Bobby Wade. I am pretty sure I saw Wade give Jackson an earful on the sideline and was that Childress giving his project pupil some disgruntled commentary as well? Childress has to see that Tarvaris Jackson just isn’t it for this Vikings season (Jackson Sunday numbers: 6 for 19, 72 yards, 0 TD)

Next up is the only Vikings home game in October. It's the Vikings vs. the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday October 28th. We will see you at the Metrodome Minneapolis! S’kol Vikings!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Adrian Peterson Shines in Vikings Victory

The Minnesota Vikings beat the Chicago Bears last Sunday at Soldier field 34-31! It was the Adrian Peterson, Ryan Longwell show for sure! Vikings rookie running back Adrian Peterson rushed for 224 yards and three touchdowns on 20 carries and Vikings kicker Ryan Longwell booted a career high 55-yard field goal as time expired to cap the Vikings second victory of the season. The Vikings brought the game down to the wire (no surprise there), but it was great to see the Vikings pull off a victory. The Vikings Vixen family was glued to the TV and more than once I asked myself why I hadn’t bought an AP jersey yet!

Adrian Peterson’s performance was one for the record books, as he set a Vikings franchise record for rushing yards in a game, besting new Vikings Ring of Honor inductee Chuck Foreman 200-yard performance against the Eagles in 1976. Sorry Chuck!

Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson returned to the starting lineup after missing two games and looked OK, he is no Tom Brady, that’s for sure. The Vikings defense played well forcing a couple of turnovers including an interception by Vikings linebacker Ben Leber that led to a Ryan Longwell 48 yard field goal in the nail biting fourth quarter.

The game had plenty of star players, but the GOLD STAR has to go to Adrian Peterson. I still think Brad Childress (Dr. Phil, the Vikings Vixen family calls him) isn’t playing Peterson enough and if we have any chance at all of beating the Cowboys on Sunday in Dallas, Adrian Peterson will need to carry the ball more than 20 times!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Top 10 for Vikings Bye Week

Vikings fans you have to click over to and read the 10 Fun Things to Do On Your Bye Week - it is absolutely hilarious! This is one of my favorite Vikings blogs and I encourage you all to check it out, but don't cheat on me! Check back to your favorite Vixen for insight the smarty pants type can't give ya! Hooah!

Vikings 1-3 . . . next up?
Chicago Bears on Sunday 10/14 - I will be glued to the TV!

Gopher Football 1-5...UGH!

Vikings Lose, Favre Sets a Record, I cry

OK, Vikings Vixen has got over her little temper tantrum regarding the Vikings 23-16 loss to the Green Bay Packers. I personally attended the game and got soaked thanks to Mother Nature – even she was upset over the Vikings loss! Do you want to know the good thing about the rain? The Packers fans couldn’t tell I was crying as I was walking to my car. It was a tough game to watch- I had such high hopes and there were plenty of bright spots in the game. Adrian Peterson looked fantastic, Chester Taylor looked good and Chad Greenway made a few plays I could cheer about.

The bad thing besides the play calling, the refs, Kelly Holcomb, the Vikings wide receivers and of course the loss, was that Brett Favre broke his Metrodome curse and came away with a victory and a broke Dan Marino’s touchdown record. Favre danced around like a damn sugar hyped ballerina when he broke the record. He’s a good QB and I am not a Favre hater, but I do hate that he broke the record under my roof, in my hometown. The real question I keep asking myself is “Are the Packers for real?” Well, they finally lost a game last Sunday to the Bears (I was shocked and it hosed my football picks), but the Pack is still looking like they are the front runners of the NFC North. Time will tell...

Friday, October 5, 2007

Vikings Lost to Packers

I am too depressed to talk about it . . .