Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vikings Bye Week is Not Calm, Houston Texans in Dome this Sunday

→ A Bye Week means no win or loss so all is calm, right? Not.

→ Vikings Scandals happen every year, with out failure. The news of both Williams lineman (Pat and Kevin) getting busted for “substance” abuse (I don’t care if they are just water pills) is enough to make me want to puke. They know the NFL tests for that stuff, what a waste to risk it. Perhaps this should be in the looking ahead segment since we will lose these two for at least 4 games probably starting against the Packers.

→ The Houston Texans are at the Metrodome Sunday at noon. I found Vikings Tickets for $4, no joke. $4 that was it. I guess that should tell us something about fan interest.

→ The Houston Texans are 3-4, like the Vikings, but are on a three-game winning streak so the Vikings will need to play tough to stop their momentum (and start ours!)

→ Safety Madieu Williams (Williams is a common name on this Vikings team) should make his Vikings debut this Sunday after being out from a neck injury he suffered during camp. The Madieu Darren Sharper combo should help shut down the Houston Texans Offense.
    Prediction: Vikings 27 - Texans 24
    Last week's Prediction Review: I wasn’t even close on the Cowboys Tampa Bay Game last week. I didn’t give their defenses enough credit (or the offenses too much credit) actual score: Tampa Bay 9, Dallas 13 ; Predicted by Vikings Vixen: Tampa Bay 35, Dallas 17.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vikings put Bears loss Behind them, Move into Bye Week

→ The dreadful Sunday loss to the Bears at Soldier field 41-48 - icky.

→ I still can't believe that the Minnesota Vikings special teams are so bad. I can't put my finger on what it is about them that sucks so bad.

→ The NFC North now looks like this: Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers tied for first, Minnesota Vikings third, the poor Detroit Lions are winless in fourth.

→ Thank God it's a Bye Week.

→ If we aren't going to fire Dr. Phil, we need to at least sit down and build a plan to win the next few games. Then again, planning is clearly not Dr Phils (aka Childress) strong point.

→ Does any one else think it is weird that the Vikings, Packers and Bears all have a Bye week this week? Was that divine NFL planning or just a fluke?

    Prediction: there will be no Vikings score prediction this week thanks to the much needed I will make a prediction on the Tampa Bay Bucs at Dallas Cowboys game . . . Tampa Bay 35, Dallas 17

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Minnesota Vikings Pictures

We need to spice this space up with some Minnesota Vikings pictures – leave your own personal captions in the COMMENTS section (I have numbered the pictures for your convenience).

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Fire Chilly Update

Vikings Fans are known for getting out when the going gets tough. Some other NFL team fans might even call us fickle. Sure we say we bleed purple (in my case pink), but really we just like blood and that means when things are going poorly, we get out the bow and arrow and we shoot at whatever moves – this time, it’s Brad Childress (most call him Chilly, I like to call him Dr. Phil – admit it, there is a striking resemblance, they could be brothers) - from the Boo Birds at the Vikings Lions game to the bloggers on the Internet, Fire Childress is a common theme and I am jumping on board (I think I was already on board, but I am jumping up and down now to get more attention).

The boys on KFAN (why aren’t there any girls at that station? – I should apply) said there is no way that Zygi would cut ties with Childress mid season, but I have to disagree. Why not? If he isn’t doing the job and the ship is going down, you might as well change captains, you have nothing to lose. If we lose the next four games (please don’t let it happen, football gods) I say fire him before the Vikings Bears game. How about that for some Thanksgiving Day conversation?! A new head coach could put this team back in the spotlight. Then again, it’s not as if we are the Lions (poor Lions 0-6), we are still in the hunt for the NFC North Title, but if we lose any more home games, it’s over.

Minnesota Vikings Update

OK, since it has been so long since I have posted, I need to get organized and I am going to use my blog canvas to make that happen. It’s a BYE week so it’s a good time to review the scores and the standings up to this point – here is the dirty low down:

WEEK 1 Mon 9/8 VS Packers @ Green Bay LOSS...19-24…this one was a gut wrencher, we needed the win – I truly believe if we could have won, the season would look different right now. I know people say that one game in the past doesn’t predict the future, but I disagree, the momentum of winning this game in Lambeau would have given us more strength to face the Colts.

WEEK 2 Sun 9/14 VS Colts @ Dome LOSS...15-18…really? we should have won this. It was on the home turf and the Colts aren’t that much better than we are, well apparently they are 3 points better than we are.

WEEK 3 Sun 9/21 VS Panthers @ Dome WIN...20-10…we needed this win, bad. Good thing we got it when we did, too. The Carolina Panthers have been on a roll since losing to us.

WEEK 4 Sun 9/28 VS Titans @ Tenn. LOSS...17-30…Tennessee is good, we are not.

WEEK 5 Mon 10/6 VS Saints @ New Orleans WIN...30-27…we are EXACTLY 3 points better than the Saints and not one more. This was a close one.

WEEK 6 Sun 10/12 VS Lions @ Dome WIN...12-10…or maybe this was the close one, the Vikings looked lethargic, perhaps they need a more inspiring coaching staff. If we would have lost, we would have been the laughing stocks of the NFL.

WEEK 7 Sun 10/19 VS Bears @ Chicago LOSS...41-48…I would have never predicted this game would turn out like this. Special teams made me want to poke my eyes out. At least we moved the ball on offense even if it was in the hands of the opposing teams half the time.

WEEK 8 Sun 10/26 VS none @ nowhere BYE….0-0….we need the break, we need it bad.

Minnesota Vikings Blog

Vikings Vixen has been MIA from the blogging world. I have had a lot on my plate and I had to move something off, so this beautiful pink Vikings blog had to take the hit. I have decided to pick it back up and give it another shot and since I am GOAL oriented and focused. I have created a PLAN for this blog. I am going to post EVERY Wednesday – what else do I have to do on hump day ? right?! And my post is going to be similar every week – I am going to take a look back at last week and a look ahead at the upcoming game. I am also going to make score predictions so you will have to check back to see if I am right or wrong every week. I am going to make a "template" for this Vikings football blog so I don’t feel all stressed about what I am going to post. I need organization! I need organization! Why do you think I love football so much? All the X’s and O’s and carefully scripted plays bring me peace and serenity….although when the kicker kicks the ball just to get it away from another player, that is not very serene.

I am going to post a few more items of interest today just to get this blog up to speed and then look for my first template post tomorrow! I hope you are as pleased as I am about it!