Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Point One Vikings Beat Jacksonville Jaguars, Prepare to Fight. Chicago Bears for First Place

→ The Minnesota Vikings beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 30-12.

→ The Vikings defense looked strong (once again). It was nice to see Napoleon Harris capitalize on the Jags snap mistake and get a TD on his record.

→ Adrian Peterson was benched for the first few plays because he was late to a team meeting. This is at least twice that he has been late to a meeting and has been penalized – some one should buy that boy a watch!

→ The win puts the Vikes at 6-5. . . STILL tied (by record) for the lead in NFC North with the Chicago Bears (poor Green Bay Packers got killed on Monday Night Football). It’s going to be a close season.

→ The Vikings are home this post Thanksgiving Sunday as they host the Chicago Bears at the Metrodome Minneapolis.

→ A victory over the Bears will put the Vikings in first place in the NFC North Division and will gain back much of the lost fan support. It’s a Sunday night game and you know what that means, lots of drunk fans. I have been to plenty of Vikings Bears games and have seen my share of fans being escorted out due to fights, behave yourself Vikings fans! If you want to go, there are still Vikings Tickets available.

→ Keys to winning: Offense, Offense, Offense. The Vikings Defense has been doing more than it’s fair share, the Vikings offense (particularly pass offense) has got to step up to the plate.

The Minnesota Vikings had a 14-0 lead after only 1 minute, 41 seconds of game play last Sunday vs. Jacksonville Jaguars - that was awesome, but the Vikings are cursed with losing their lead and consequently the game in the final minutes of the game. If the Vikings hope to beat the Chicago Bears, they will need to play tougher in the fourth quarter than they did last week.

    Prediction: Vikings 35 - Bears 28 (a victory is my Thanksgiving wish)

    Last weeks prediction – I got the victory right, but I was off on points for the Jaguars. I didn’t realize how dysfunctional they had become on offense.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vikings lost to Tampa Bay Bucs, Plenty of Pressure to Beat Jacksonville

→ The Minnesota Vikings lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13-19 (what a train wreck)

Gus Frerotte was sacked five times – I am losing confidence in him quickly. Some of it is the lines fault, but he has got to look down field faster and make more snap judgments or by all means, just MOVE your feet to get out of the way of incoming defensemen.

→ The loss puts the Vikes at 5-5. . . STILL tied (by record) for the lead in NFC North, don't jump off the wagon just yet Vikings fans – at least we didn’t lose 37-3 like the Bears, right?

→ The Vikings travel to Florida again this week playing the Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6) at noon. The Jags looked good last week against the Titans, this could be a tough win for the Vikes.

→ Sean Jensen of the Pioneer Press put together a compelling piece on the Vikings 3rd quarter failures and why they are the worst in the NFL – it’s a very solid point and I am hoping Chilly will change up the locker room half-time strategy this week because of it. We’ll See.

→ Brad Childress has got to go. But I do love this quote from him that he shared at his press conference: “'editorialists and columnists are like men that come down from the mountains after the battle and shoot the wounded.' I thought there's a certain something to that."

LOL! Do you suppose bloggers should be added to that as well? "Bloggers, editorialists and columnists..." and then if you want to include Vikings Vixen, you need to change it to "...women that come down...." I got a good chuckle over that one Dr. Phil – time to thicken up your skin, we just want to keep you honest.

    Prediction: Vikings 28 - Jaguars 27 (I had 35 for the Jags in there, but I just can’t leave it – I want the Vikes to win too badly)
    Last weeks prediction – I was off for the Vikes, but pretty close for the Bucs.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vikings beat Green Bay Packers, Hit the Road for Two Games

I feel like this post will almost be the same as last Wednesday, but here it goes anyway:

→ Whew - the Vikings beat the Green Bay Packers 28-27 at the Metrodome. It was a desperately needed win (aren't they all if you are a Vikings fan? OR a Vikings head coach?)

→ The win puts the Vikes at 5-4 . . . tied for the lead in NFC North, don't jump off the wagon just yet Vikings fans – but be sure you clear your schedule for the Vikings Bears game on November 30th (Sunday after Thanksgiving) – it’s going to be big.

→ Jared Allen played well, any one think all the hype about him being hurt and not playing was just a mental tactic? I believe he is really hurt, but I also believe there was ZERO chance he was going to sit out.

→ The Minnesota Vikings head to Florida to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3).

→ I will be glued to the TV at noon on Sunday and my better half and I will be fighting over the remote of the big TV for the football game or the final NASCAR race. He won last week; I think I should get it this week.

→ I am still standing by the fact that Brad Childress will be fired at the end of the year. Regardless if we go to the playoffs (well, unless we win the SB) – Go for it on 4th and 1 in such a crucial game? Never. He let Adrian Peterson and the Metrodome crowd get in his head. Not good. See ya Dr Phil.

    Prediction: Vikings 24 - Bucs 17
    Last week - I predicted the Vikings by two points, I was close for the second week in a row. I am better at this prediction thing than I thought I would be.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vikings beat Texans, Get Ready to host the Favreless Green Bay Packers

→ Whew - the Vikings beat the Houston Texas 28-21 at the Metrodome. It was a desperately needed win (aren't they all if you are a Vikings fan?)

→ The win puts the Vikes at 4-4 . . . still in the hunt for the NFC North, don't jump off the wagon just yet Vikings fans

→ The Vikings offense looked good, not just AP, but the whole offense. I have increasing confidence in Gus Frerotte

→ The Green Bay Packers (also 4-4) will be at the Metrdome this Sunday.

→ I read somewhere that Vikings Tickets are at their lowest demand and price in over 10 years for this particular game. In fact, one of my friends called Ticket King to see if they were buying Vikings Packers tickets and they offered him half of face value - half ! He thinks if he would have sold his tickets before the start of the season when the Vikings hype was high, he could have made at least $30 bucks on the sale and if the Vikings would have scooped up Favre, probably twice that.

→ Jared Allen has a sever strain in his right shoulder, playing without him will suck.

→ It will be the first time since 1992 that Brett Favre will not be starting at the Metrodome.

→ Brad Childress is 0-5 against the Green Bay Packers, this game on Sunday will be huge for Dr. Phil. I would venture a guess that his job is on the line and this game could save or break it.

    Prediction: Vikings 23 - Packers 21
    Last week - I predicted Vikings 27 (actual 28) and Texans 24 (actual 21) - wow I was super close. I surprise myself.