Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Vikings NFL Draft, Jared Allen plus…

The Minnesota Vikings chose five players in last weekends 2008 NFL Draft. Only five. The fewest in Vikings history. I suppose if you add Jared Allen into the mix then its six players, and I think you should definitely include Jared Allen in the total draftees since we gave up three draft choices to get him. I think the Vikes did OK on their picks. I would have liked John Carlson in a Vikings uniform, but he got scooped up before we got to pick. Sad…Vikings Vixen sheds a tear.

So who did we get? a safety, a quarterback, a defensive tackle, a center and a punt returner. Oh, you want to know their names? Why? They probably won’t be starting any time soon, but I would like to see that QB start if T.J. slips up (and I am certain he will). Newest members of your Minnesota Vikings Roster: Safety Tyrell Johnson (Arkansas State), Quarterback John David Booty (Southern Cal), Defensive Tackle Letroy Guion (Florida State), Center John Sullivan (Notre Dame) and Receiver Jaymar Johnson (Jackson State).

My favorite…you guessed it John Booty – I just love to say his name.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Minnesota Vikings Jersey

I am willing to bet the number 69 Vikings jersey will be a top seller – I will keep my 28 Adrian Peterson jersey, but I am willing to bet the man in my life will find it essential he own a 69 jersey. Any thoughts Vikings fans?

"I couldn't be happier, and I think it's a great fit," Jared Allen said of his new team (and his new jersey.)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jared Allen Minnesota Vikings Defensive End

The Minnesota Vikings made an investment in the present yesterday, a big investment, by securing Jared Allen from the Kansas City Chiefs. The Vikings paid 74 million dollars over six years AND gave up a first and 2 third round draft picks. Yikes! That is a high price for one player, but I think it sends the message to Vikings fans that the Minnesota Vikings want to be competitive this season; the Vikings are investing in the now and not in the future necessarily.

This big move signals that the Vikings organization thinks they are only one player away from being a Championship team. Vikings Vixen is glad to have Jared Allen and I know he will make a difference, but I don’t think the Minnesota Vikings are one player away from being a Super Bowl team. We definitely need help on the offense as well…quarterback, wide receiver….hello? You can’t win games if you don’t score any points and although I think Jared Allen is a key piece to the puzzle, I don’t think he is the center piece that completes the championship picture.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gus Frerotte back on Vikings Roster

A familiar name will be the back-up to Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson this season (or perhaps Tarvaris will be his back-up), Gus Frerotte. The 36 year old 14-year NFL veteran signed a two-year, $3.75 million contract. I wonder if there are any Vikings fans that have a Vikings Frerotte jersey? Probably not, but he did appear on the Vikings roster in 2003 and 2004 as a back-up to Daunte Culpepper.

Vikings Vixen thinks Gus Frerotte is a solid guy and will be a good mentor to our young team (although he could use a hair cut). I had heard a while back that the Oakland Raiders were looking at him, but I am guessing the Vikings offered more money. It seems like a lot of dough for a back-up which is what leads me to believe if Tarvaris doesn’t look strong coming out of the gate, Frerotte will get a chance to start. Be afraid T.J., be very afraid.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Matt Birk Contract Issues still in Limelight

MatMatt Birk, Matt Birk, Matt Birk. I am so tired of hearing about Matt Birk, but I read this Matt Birk contract comment on the Star Trib yesterday and I just have to share it with everyone. It’s funny and very Minnesotan. I wish I would have thought of it myself!

"Birk is fishin'for a new contract. Chilli is baiting the hook and Ziggy is driving the boat. This WILL work itself out before the season starts and Birk will be in purple. This NFL contract dance makes Dancing with the Stars look like a polka contest"
posted by Valpat on Apr 7, 08 at 3:47 pm

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers on Monday Night

This Minnesota Vikings fan has been sitting around on pins and needles waiting for the NFL schedule to be released so I can plan my fall and winter trips to the HHH Metrodome. Well, the NFL has given us a taste of the schedule by announcing the opening Monday Night games which include a rival match-up between the Minnesota Vikings at the Green Bay Packers on September 8th.

Of course the game will be televised nationally on ESPN, but wouldn’t it be fun to go to Lambeau field in September? I wouldn’t have to worry about bringing my snow boots or electric hand warmers. I could just pack my purple parka and plan on having a great time at a great stadium and I bet they do some sort of Brett Favre tribute thing, too.

The Vikings players are pumped about the Monday Night Game. Bobby Wade is quoted as saying: "That's what it's all about," Wade said of the prime-time game. "Obviously, being in this league a while, you get excited for any game, whether it's two people or 70,000. But to be able to play on TV and be able to play in that type of environment will help us get to where we want to be at the end of the season."

Pat Williams said he "always has fun on TV," but he's especially "pumped" because the Vikings are playing the Packers. Well, so am I! Let’s bring the Pack down!