Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Small Group of Players Meet With Attorneys in Minneapolis

A small group of players met with their attorneys yesterday in Minneapolis. It was just the players side, no owners, who met in Minneapolis. The source who reported this is not allowed to discuss what the players and attorneys talked about.

The lockout has been going on since March 12. Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith have been meeting regularly and there has been word that the talks are really progressing.

The first preseason game is scheduled for August 7th.

This isn't the first part of the lockout that has taken place in Minneapolis. When the owners filed an Antitrust lawsuit against the players, the case was heard in Minneapolis.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ben Leber Sees the Season Starting on Time

While working at a football camp at the University of St. Thomas, Ben Leber was taking confreence calls from DeMaurice Smith, the head of the players association, about the ongoing lockout situation. Leber was pretty optimistic about the season beginning normally but was less optimistic about training camp starting on time. He thinks that they might start training camp a couple weeks late and only play two or three preseason games. He believes that the first regular season games will begin as planned, Sept. 8.

Leber might not play for the Vikings but he is the representative for the team so he has been in contact with all of the players, updating them on the lockout situation.

As a fan, I really don't care that there won't be preseason games. As a Vikings fan, I'm a little worried and here's why. We're trying to bring in a new quarterback, in a new offense. I think this would be a really important off season for Ponder to learn the playbook and familiarize himself with the offense and his receivers. Hopefully Leslie doesn't throw him into the fire and he is flustered. I think he can handle it, he's a smart guy.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shoreview Council Member Starts Online Petition

A Shoreview Council member has started an online petition for the Vikings to not build a stadium in Arden Hills. The council member is upset because the State would be paying 300 million, Ramsey County would pay 300 million and and the team would pay 400 million. The council member, Blake Huffamn, believes that people are reluctant to pay for a luxury iten during these hard economic times. He cites the price of gas as an example and he believes there would be more crime, noise, and traffic in Arden Hills. He wants the stadium built in downtown minneapolis and for it all to be paid by the owners and users of the stadium.

Sorry Mr. Huffman, but what do you think they have been trying to do this whole time. Obviously they have tried to build a stadium downtown in either St. Paul or Minneapolis but it hasn't worked so that's why they have been left trying to build one in Arden Hills.

Adrian Peterson Not at His Own Youth Camp?

Adrian Peterson did not attend his own youth football camp. The youth camp was for boys and girls from ages 7-14. The camp cost $199. Initially the camp announced that Peterson wouldn't be able to attend the camp because he was going to be shooting something for the NFL Network. The NFL Network announced that they were not the reason for his absence and that he would really be coming in to shoot for the top 100 players of 2011 July 3rd. The camp has now taken full responsibility and said that it was a misunderstanding.

It's really too bad for these kids. Even though there will be plenty of former OU stars such as Mark Clayton and DeMarco Murray, you know AP All Day was the one they really paid for.

He said he plans to attend the camp next year.

Friday, June 17, 2011

ESPN Poll Ruin Vikings

In ESPN the Magazine's issue coming out this Friday, a survey was conducted in order to rank the 122 pro franchises in the four major sports. In this poll, the Vikings were rated 109th out of 122. That's absolutely terrible. To make matters much worse, their arch rival, the Green Bay Packers was rated the best franchise of all four major sports.

According to the Startribune "The rankings are determined by a multi-tiered analysis that examines a team’s efficiency in spending fan money as compared to its on-field performance. It also factors in feedback in 21 categories from more than 70,000 fans nationwide, both online at ESPN.com and in polling conducted by both independent third parties."

I haven't read the article since it's not out yet, but let me take a stab at why our rating is so bad. Reason number one has to be the Metrodome. Although it makes for a fun game day experience, it is a terrible value for the price your paying to go watch the game. It's a horrible stadium. That part of it makes sense. The one thing I don't understand is that we shouldn't be rated this low because we have an owner who is committed to spending whatever it takes to win a super bowl. Zygi is a willing spending and the team has been far more competitive since he bought the team. The rating also could be low because of how many times this team has disappointed us. I'm not sure what the answer is to why our ratings are so low, but I know the Metrodome is a huge part of it.

Also, last year was a huge disaster for the team. The Favre scandal, the high expectations that led to a horrible season, and the roof of the dome collapsing all could have factored into the decision.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Dear Vikings Fans,

Do not panic about losing the Vikings to Los Angeles. I know there was an uproar when AEG's Tim Leiweke, who heads the group that is building the stadium in Los Angeles, visited with Vikings officials this week. The reason Leiweke was visting with owner Zygi Wilf is because he wants to work with the Vikings when they get a new stadium, he wasn't trying to get Zygi to move the team. Leiweke told the Startribune's Sid Hartman that the Vikings are pretty low on the list of teams they are targeting to move to the Los Angeles stadium. He said among the teams they are seriously targeting are the Buffalo Bills, the Oakland Raiders and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Don't worry fans, we aren't high on that list. Seriously though, they better come to an agreement soon or I'm going to be so mad.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Opponent Backs Out of Fight, Scared of Edwards?

While some players are sitting around watching paint dry, Ray Edwards is out being a B-O-S-S. Edwards (1-0) is a defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings. Edwards has become a professional boxer and not a bad one either. He won his first fight on May 20th at Grand Casino Hinkley over T.J. Gibson, who was clearly over matched against this behemoth of a man. Edwards is hoping to get a new opponent and fight in before the lock out ends. Edwards has made it clear he doesn't want to return to the Vikings, but they retain his rights, so look for them to match most offers for him.

Why wouldn't we try to sign him again?? First of all, he is awesome. Very productive and he's clearly staying in tip top shape. Here's a guy who just throws on the boxing gloves after playing five straight years of professional football and beats someone who has been training their whole life. The Vikings need to sign him and have him play opposite of Jared Allen. This team was at its best when Allen and Edwards were both getting after the quarterback.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vikings Ponder on Quarterback

Christian PonderLeslie Frazier has been open to the public about whether or not the Vikings pursue a veteran QB. After drafting Christian Ponder, Frazier said the lockout length could determine whether the team pursues a veteran QB.

The clock is ticking and Frazier knows it. Frazier has said he would prefer to groom a rookie QB from the ground up, but the time to do that is dwindling and we are STILL discussing what the best QB option is for the Vikings.

I get what Frazier is saying, but neither Ponder nor Joe Webb have a full season under their belt and now won't even have a full off season to prepare. The Vikings need a veteran.

Candidates for that job include: Matt Hasselbeck, Donovan McNabb, Kyle Orton, Vince Young and Carson Palmer.

With more lockout time on the horizon, the Vikings need to figure out what they want to do before next season becomes this season and Vikings fans are watching Percy Harvin take over at QB with double-vision brought on by his reoccurring migraines. Yikes.

Randy Moss Back on the Market

Randy MossRandy "When I want to play, I'll play" Moss is back on the market. Moss has played, or sat our plays based on his attitude, for four different teams in his 13-year playing career - three of those teams came in 2010 alone.

Moss knows controversy, but there is no doubt that plenty of NFL teams will be more than willing to take the risk on the 34-year old Moss who is a four-time First-Team All-Pro.

Sure, Moss has talent, but his attitude has been an ongoing hindrance since before his 1998 draft. 19 teams passed over Moss before the Vikings selected him.

With Moss on the market again, there is speculation as to where his straight-cash-homie, one-clap, gonna-say-what-I-wanna-say attitude will end up for the 2011-12 season.

The Minnesota Vikings?

It is no secret the Vikes are in a rebuilding stage with a new coaching staff and a rookie quarterback. A third reunion between Moss and the Vikings could be exactly what the Vikings don't need.

On the flip side, Moss was booted from Minnesota by Brad Childress - a move not endorsed by the Vikings' front office - who was then fired. Now, with Leslie Frazier as the head honcho and a head honcho that is known as a players' coach, perhaps the coaching staff can find that spark in Moss just like Dennis Green.

Friday, June 3, 2011

An open letter to spoiled veterans

Dear Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin, Bernard Berrian and Visanthe Shiancoe,

If your decision to no show Christian Ponder’s little mini camp, after you said you guys would attend, is some sort of rookie rib you guys are pulling, shame on you. I understand that you are veterans and might have better personal work out plans, but by showing up to Ponder’s little shindig you would have boosted his confidence and began creating the chemistry needed between quarterbacks and receivers. But because you didn’t show up, I have the following to tell the four of you spoiled veterans:

Mr. Visanthe Shiancoe: you will loose your job to Kyle Rudolph. And you deserve to. All that you are is an above average athletic tight end who with the help of Brett Favre looked like a pro bowler. You think you are greatest tight end in the NFC when you are not. You have a ‘big head’ in more places than one. You can take that as a compliment if you want, but the reality is you have more inches than you have good seasons.

Mr. Bernard Berrian: Last year you had as many drops and botched routes as you had air time on Chad Ochocinco’s crappy reality TV Show. You spent more time on that show than you did on the field last year. The amount of women on that show, which was 16, was more than amount of plays the coaches actually wanted you in. All that you are is a rich man’s Troy Williamson. You really would have benefited from learning how to catch a football thrown by Ponder. Alas, I guess we should just expect more drops from you.

Mr. Percy Harvin: Let me guess, your excuse for no showing was migraines? Fine, I can’t really get angry with you for that. You always come ready to play and make an impact on he field, which you have always done since your rookie year. I’ll give you a pass, even though I am reluctant to give you it. Right now I feel like one of your professors from Florida allowing you to pass the class.

Mr. Sidney Rice: Spare us the embarrassment and let down and just leave already. We all know this marriage is about to end. We don’t want it to, but we realize you do. Take your cool hair and one good season else where. And yes you will booed when you come back.


A severely spurned Vikings Fans