Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Vikings fans left out in the cold

I wish the Minnesota Vikings would host a Vikings Fest like the Minnesota Twins do. I know the Vikes have the Arctic Blast, but that just isn't an opportunity to drag my kids out to meet "the guys." Even the Green Bay Packers have a fan meet and greet. Ms. pacman mentions it in her blog that Packers Fan Fest will take place in the Lambeau Field Atrium on March 9 and 10, 2007. I would love to go…although my heckling of certain players would certainly be dangerous to my health in Packerland! Besides that is the Minnesota State High School Boys Hockey Tournament weekend and Lord knows I don’t miss that, not even for a chance to kiss Brett Favre.

What could the Vikings call their little fan get together? Vikings Fan Fest ? That seems to be a well liked name. Come on Vikings Fans, let’s start an effort to get the men in purple out in the community shaking hands and kissing babies!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I think my love affair with the Vikings is a tumultuous affair. One day I love the team and the next day I lament the team. Since Valentines Day is a traditional love day, I will write a positive post for my Minnesota Vikings. One of the best moves the Vikes have made during the off season so far was hiring Leslie Frazier as the defensive coordinator. It was such a shame to lose Tomlin and the Vikes were complete morons to lose him – oops this is a love post, no name calling. Anyway, Frazier will replace Tomlin in 2007 and let's hope he has the same spirit and knowledge Tomlin had to lead one of the best defenses' in the NFL

Frazier comes to the Vikings after helping Indianapolis win Super Bowl XLI, the 2nd Super Bowl title he has been associated with as a player and coach. Frazier was a starter on the 1985 Bears that won Super Bowl XX over New England. In his 8 NFL seasons Frazier has been a part of teams that have gone 81-47 and has been a part of 7 straight campaigns with a .500 record or better and played in 3 conference championship games. Frazier is reuniting with Childress as they both have Eagles blood in them. Frazier sounds pretty solid and I welcome him aboard my Vikings love ship – now let’s win some games!

Monday, February 12, 2007

2007 Pro Bowl

While flipping through the channels on Saturday I ran into the 2007 Pro Bowl in Honolulu, Hawaii. I must admit I hardly watched it. I love football, but I just don't get into the whole AFC vs NFC thing. That's probably why I only played fantasy football for one year. I bleed purple and I only have a lot of passion for the Minnesota Vikings, not the NFC as a whole or various players scattered throughout the NFL.

The Minnesota Vikings sent 5 players to the Pro Bowl this year including Matt Birk. Matt is a definite fan favorite and the Vikings coaxed him into writing a Pro Bowl blog on their website. Matts Blog. I actually enjoyed reading it more than I enjoyed watching the snippets of the game on Saturday. Hawaii sounds great and Matt sounds like he is having a great time. I am totally jealous.

FINAL SCORE: AFC 31, NFC 28 - - - Tiki Barber and Tony Romo were the stars for the NFC, no big surprise, and Carson Palmer ended up being the show stealer for the AFC.

Hey Vikings, maybe next year we could have a few show stealers?!?!?!

Friday, February 9, 2007


Well, the Vikings have finally made a smart move to keep their fans/their income source happy. The Vikings have announced that they are NOT making across the board price increases for Vikings Tickets for the 2007-08 season! Hallalujah! In fact, two-thirds of all season ticket locations will have the same or lower prices - wow! I was shocked that the Vikings would have the insight to make that sort of decision. Twin Cities Ticket Guy mentioned that he hoped the Vikings would make a smart move when they announced the 2007 prices - hey, maybe the Vikes are reading his blog?!?

Here are some snipets from
For the first time since 1998, there will not be a general price increase for all seats. Two-thirds of all season ticket locations will have the same or lower price than this past season, with virtually all remaining locations increasing by 1.8% to 4.5%."We greatly value our loyal Season Ticket Owners and have worked very hard throughout this decision-making process to maintain affordable options for our fans while balancing our business challenges," said Steve LaCroix, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

In 2007, the Vikings will have 11 pricing options for season tickets (up from 8 in the 2006 season), ranging from $99 (limited view), $196.10, $380, $490, $670, $710, $730, $960, $990, $1,130 to $1,160 for a 10-game season package. These ticket prices include a 10% admissions tax paid to the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, as well as appropriate sales taxes. New in 2007, as a tribute to the Vikings' inaugural season of 1961, there will be over 4,000 upper level season tickets offered for $19.61 per seat per game."We are excited about creating a wider variety of choices for our fans," said LaCroix. "Our $196.10 season ticket will be one of the lowest-priced season tickets in the NFL."

Yeah Vikings! I love the energy and the excitement of watching a Minnesota Vikings home game and I look forward to buying more tickets in 2007 than I did in 2006!

Monday, February 5, 2007

2007 Vikings Schedule

I am anxiously waiting for the Minnesota Vikings to announce their 2007 schedule. I realize that the Super Bowl ended just a few hours ago, but I am ready for a new season already! My friend writes a Twin Cities Tickets blog and he said it best when he said there were two things that totally sucked on Super Bowl Sunday: #1 The Vikings weren't on the field and #2 it was 100 degrees warmer in Miami than Minnesota! Now, I can't change the weather (although, the global warming doomsayers say that I do), but I would love to change the fact that the Minnesota Vikings have been absent from the Super Bowl games for far too long.

In order to be in the Super Bowl next year, the Minnesota Vikings will have to really turn it up and win some games. In 2007, the Vikings have a pretty fun schedule . . . they have regular season home games with:

Green Bay
San Diego

Now, the division games against the Packers, the Bears, and the Lions are a no brainer, but I was pleased to see the Vikings get to host the Raiders again (Randy Moss back at the dome is always a crap shoot) and I am a huge Redskins fan (I think many Minnesotans are - I am a big Joe Gibbs believer and I will definitely be at that game). Both Philly and San Diego crushed their respective divisions so those should be competitive games and I think the Vikes always have a little bit of an ax to grind with Atlanta.

The official 2007 schedule is released mid-April. I guess I will have to wait until then to start requesting my vacation days and looking for Vikings Tickets!

Fact: The Vikings have sold out 94 consecutive home games