Friday, May 27, 2011

Panic at the Stadium: Are the Vikings moving to LA?

Just recently in Charley Walters’ “Don’t print that” section of his column on May 25th the following shocking news was printed:

“spotted at the W Hotel in downtown Minneapolis on Tuesday night were members of
Vikings owner Zygi Wilf's management and stadium development team meeting with
LA Live! honcho Tim Leiweke and his AEG team that is considering a stadium for
Los Angeles.”

OH MY GOD IT IS TIME TO PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I now whole heartedly believe that if the Vikings don’t get a new stadium they are going to move to LA. So hey all you governmental diplomats and people in the political world:

Stop worrying about the state’s budget and get a stadium deal done as soon as possible. I don’t mind if the state shuts down for a little bit. I will mind if the Vikings leave.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Starting to like Ponder more and more

In a recent Yahoo Sports article written by Doug Farrar, it had the following to say about our quarterback of the future, Christian Ponder:

“Ponder has his work cut out for him in the NFL – he’s in a brutal NFC North division with elite pass rushers everywhere, and Minnesota’s offensive line is questionable to the point where people wonder if he’s going to be healthy enough to deal with the grind. However, based on the tape alone, there’s no question that Ponder projects well as a future franchise quarterback if he can stay healthy – tough, smart, resilient, and able to get things done against the odds. Enough quarterbacks have proven through time that these attributes are far more important than the ability to throw a football through a brick wall.”

Well let’s hope Mr. Farrar is right, because he has gotten me, and I am sure just about every Vikings fan excited, about Ponder and the potential he has to be a franchise quarterback for the Vikings.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Jared Allen ranked 80th by NFL Network’s of “Top 100: Players of 2011”

Minnesota Vikings Defensive End Jared Allen was ranked the 80th best player of 2011. Interesting enough player voting was used to determine this list.

What I was shocked about is that Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Trent Cole, ranked 73rd, when Allen in my opinion is much more of a complete player, and is not as one dimensional as Cole. Cole in my view is a straight up pass rusher who struggles defending the run, whereas Allen does not.

Anyway, what do you think and where do you Adrian Peterson will wind up on the list?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ponder already showing the kind of leader he is.

While some NFL players are getting prepared for the ... er… um, I mean… a future NFL season (that’s accurate right?) by working out individually, newly drafted Vikings Quarter back and hopefully future star Christian Ponder is show the kind of spunk and leadership he has inside of him.

Instead of throwing balls to his former college teammates and buddies from Florida State, Ponder has contacted Percy Harvin to work out with down in Florida. Soon after, Ponder got Sydney Rice in on the mix.

Talk about smart: Hopefully you get Rice to be impressed by your abilities so he can continue to play in the purple and gold.

Nonetheless, it will at least help Ponder develop and a relationship with Harvin.

Good going Ponder, and way to take the initiative!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vikings are really good at drafting…

Congrats Rick Spielman according to Rick Reilly and his latest column that re-drafted the 2006, 2007 and 2008 drafts. According to his mathematical equation, the Vikings in those three drafts are 6th best organization in the NFL at drafting talent. Lets hope that continues with Christian Ponder and the other talent they drafted this year.

For information read the column below:

Friday, May 13, 2011

We don’t need Donovan

The Vikings don’t need Donovan McNabb, because while in the past the big thing to do was mentor young QB’s, the new big thing is to draft a young quarterback and have a really good running back next to him.

Look at the prime examples:

Matt Ryan had Michael Turner. Mark Sanchez had Shonn Greene and Thomas Jones (who together formed one really good running back). And the most recent example, Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson.

Sure in the past mentoring worked: despite what I believe was probably the most awkward mentorship of all time, the whole Brett Favre Aaron Rodgers thing worked out in the end for the Pack. And it even worked for us the when long ago, in 1999 we had Jeff Goerge mentor Daunte Culpepper.

But the reason those worked is because the young quarterbacks were heading into a pass happy offense, and didn’t have outstanding running backs.

(Robert Smith is great and all, but the 1999 Vikes were pass happy)

When Christian Ponder walks onto to the field as a Viking, he is walking onto the same field as a team with one heck of a running back.

Ponder doesn’t need McNabb as a mentor, he needs Adrian Peterson to run the ball.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sparknotes version of the new Vikings Stadium

When I was high school, Sparknotes saved my English grade, so I figured why not help save if you don’ feel like reading the whole article, but also don’t want to feel left out when your coworkers and buddies are talking around the water cooler.

So I will present you with a Sparknoted version of the article by MIKE KASZUBA in todays Start Tribune.

-Going to be 1 billion dollar 65,000 seat stadium at the former Arden Hills ammunition plant that could include a retail/entertainment/training complex
-The stadium would open by June 2015, and include up to 150 private suites, according to the agreement. The team would have the authority to decide on the stadium's design, development and construction
-Ramsey County would buy 430 acres of the site from the U.S. Army, then sell 170 acres to Wilf.
-While the stadium would be publicly owned and be governed by a five-member stadium authority, the Vikings would operate and manage the facility and would own the 170 acres. The Vikings' plans call for ultimately creating a sprawling campus that would house corporate offices, a Main Street-style complex of restaurants, retail and residential areas, a cinema, a Vikings Hall of Fame, training facilities and a "Festival Plaza."
-Although the team is obligated to commit $407 million to the project, the agreement indicates that Wilf's own contribution could be significantly less than that. The $407 million would come not only from the team, but also the National Football League, the sale of private seat licenses and "other private revenues generated by the project."

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WHAT!!!! NO!!!

My reaction to hearing Ramsey County getting the new Vikings stadium rather than Minneapolis was the same reaction I had when I was a kid and I got the Pokemon Blue version for Christmas rather than the Red version.

I was pissed. However instead of throwing my 50 pound block of a game boy against the wall and having a temper tantrum, I did some breathing exercises, walked out of Ticket Kings downtown St. Paul office and drowned my sorrows in a bowl of pasta at Cossetta’s. Afterwards I walked over to the bus stop, sat next to a crazy homeless guy and screamed expletives with him at pigeons to release my anger.

Then I walked back to my internship like nothing happened and wrote this.

Honestly how in the world did Ramsey County get the stadium over Minneapolis? It makes no sense! This stadium better be the greatest stadium ever.

Whatever, at least I am heading off to college next year so I won’t have to pay for it through my taxes. I have no property tax or income tax, so ha.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Minneapolis bids for Viking Stadium

With reports of Minneapolis bidding for the new Vikings stadium, the thought of Target field, Target Center and the new Vikings stadium being within walking distance of each other is creating as much excitement for Minnesotan sports fans as the thought of Meagan Fox showing up to my front door needing a place to stay for the night because her significant other just kicked her out.

Attention everyone who likes to have fun: Minneapolis is quickly becoming the Mecca of sports, entertainment, shopping, social scene and everything in general people who are not hermits - like that creeper of a Gardner in your neighborhood, you know who I am talking about, everyone has one- enjoy.
And let Ticket King be the captain that guides you on your filled nights of exploration and magic!

Pardon that corny and shameless plug, but in all seriousness how awesome would it be if the Vikings stadium ended up being in Minneapolis?

While I am a St. Paul boy at heart, I love Minneapolis. Walking downtown with a group of friends after watching Joe Mauer hit a game winner, or Michael Beasley just being Michael Beasley (side note: my man be-easy seriously needs to get a reality show on Fox Sports North. FYI FSN: Beasley = Ratings) is always a fun filled night. And now with the possibility of the Vikings stadium being next to the other two, the thought of walking away from a Vikings game after Adrian Peterson goes all APAD rushing for 200+ yards, the night is going to be even sweeter. And to top of it all off, the fun doesn’t end there. After games, the exciting streets of Minneapolis have always presented my friends and I with memorable and entertaining experiences that we probably can’t share with our parents until we turn 30.

But seriously, were this stadium deal to fall through, all Minnesotans would have everything in one place. Shopping, food, sports, entertainment, everything would be downtown!

How cool would that be?

Easily as cool as Meagan Fox showing up to my front door needing a place to stay for the night because her significant other just kicked her out

Written by male intern, Alex Smith

Friday, May 6, 2011

Kyle Rudolph Selected in the 2nd Round

Kyle RudolphWith the #43 pick by the Minnesota Vikings, Kyle Rudolph of Notre Dame was selected. When I saw it on my phone, I was a bit suprised. Rudolph plays tight end. We already have a solid tight end right now. However, I realized we went for value with this pick. Rudolph is a big guy, 6'6 apparently and has a ceiling of Jason Witten or Todd Heap according to scouts. He was considered a 1st round player but slipped to the Vikes in the 2nd round. I think this kid could be a great target for Ponder in the future and with Visanthe Shiancoe around for at least 1 more year, we could use 2 tight end formations more often. Welcome aboard Kyle!

Christian Ponder Selected by Minnesota Vikings

Christian PonderWith the #12 overall selection, the Minnesota Vikings suprised the world by drafting Florida State Seminole quarterback Christian Ponder. Ponder was "projected" to be a late 1st rounder or early second rounder. I have never been one for projections and draft grades, considering Troy Williamson was drafted #7 by the Minnesota Vikings and Tom Brady went in the 6th round to the New England Patriots. I like the move personally. I was hoping for Jake Locker or Blaine Gabbert, but as both were selected, I am glad we took Ponder. We need a quarterback and we finally addressed it in a draft. If they like the kid, than take him. Don't trade down and hope for the best, because some team may trade up and beat you to it. Welcome Christian.