Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Does the HHH Metrodome have a future after the 2010 Minnesota Vikings Season?

A view from inside the HHH Metrodome during a Vikings Football Game
The Minnesota Vikings always seem to have pre-season speculations. Last year, the Minnesota Vikings pre-season chatter focused on Brett Farve and his contract negocitionas. This year it the Minnesota Vikings seem to have shifted the focus from themselves to the HHH Metrodome, the current home of the Minnesota Vikings.

One of the few stadiums in the country that housed both a professional baseball team and a professional football team, the HHH Metrodome has a storied tradition in the Twin Cities. However, with the opening of Target Field this season, the HHH Metrodome will be very quiet until the Vikings Season starts again and with just one season left on the Vikings-Metrodome contract it is really anybody's guess as to what will happen.

Lots of Vikings speculators are saying that the Minnesota Vikings Roster will call TCF Bank Stadium home for a few seasons while the HHH Metrodome is torn down and a new Minnesota Vikings Stadium is put up in its place. Dome-Lovers are hopeful that the Metrodome will stay and renovations will be made. While no official decisions have been made, and no public announcements have come forward, it seems to be clear that the the HHH Metrodome has changes in its future.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Minnesota Vikings Offseason leads room for lots of speculation about the 2010 Minnesota Vikings Roster

I'm sure you thought I was done speculating about the Minnesota Vikings Roster, trust me after this summer I really thought I was too. But no, of course not... since the dust has settled post-Super Bowl it is time to start looking forward to what the Minnesota Vikings Offseason has in store for all of us: Vikings Roster debates.

At the top of the list, obviously, is Brett Favre. The All-Pro quarterback posted a Thank You Letter on his website earlier this week to his fans and teammates stating how much he enjoyed his return to professional football in Minnesota and how he was grateful for the great season. The Thank You note had twinges of a "Don't Count Me Out" just yet sentiment but did not confirm or deny his status as a Minnesota Vikings Quarterback next season. My best guess is that the Brett Favre camp is going to remained tight lipped about the whole thing until the end of the summer when the Minnesota Vikings Training Camp happens, until then your guess is as good as mine!

Also on the watch list for the Minnesota Vikings Roster is Pat Williams who is thinking his future as a Minnesota Vikings player over with his family. Stay posted for the latest news and gossip about the Minnesota Vikings Roster

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Minnesota Vikings Roster gets a nod as John Randle is inducted into Hall Of Fame

former Minnesota Vikings Player John Randle on the field
Former Minnesota Vikings Defensive Tackle John Randle was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in his second year of eligibility.

John Randle for those of you who don't remember when he played for the Minnesota Vikings is one of the most beloved player on the Vikings Roster. Randle had a knack for pushing the limit, he would read player bios so that he could personalize his taunts on game day, until the NFL made him stop he painted his face black on game days. Randle made up for his small size in speed and work ethic... no one wanted to come near him on the field.

Congratulations Minnesota Vikings John Randle!

2010 Super Bowl is a big surprise on several fronts

The 2010 Super Bowl should be called the Super Bowl of surprises...

Shocker #1) The New Orleans Saints Won! No one thought that the underdogs would ever pull it off, sure the New Orleans Saints had a great season and they play well as a team. However, the Colts have been to the Super Bowl and they have Peyton Manning!! Yet none the less, the Saints defeated the Colts 31-17 in total upset. Brees and the Saints played a better game, their passes were crisper, their plays were cleaner and overall they just outplayed the Colts

Shocker #2) Super Bowl 2010 was the most watched TV Show ever. The 2010 Super Bowl, according to the Nielson Company was the most watched show with more than 106 million views. Previously the record had been held by MASH with the 1983 series finale.

Shocker #3) The most popular Super Bowl Commercial was not a high-budget beer comedy commercial, instead viewers have voiced their love for the Google Search Story Ads. The Ads were low budget yet great... they told a story and were totally different than other ads out there. Check out the videos below

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 Super Bowl will be bittersweet for Minnesota Vikings Fans

Awesome Spread of Super Bowl Party Food
This weekend Super Bowl Sunday will invade the homes of almost all Americans. Snacks will be made, beer will be purchased, and couch cushions will be fluffed as football fans and commercial junkies tune in to watch the single biggest sporting event of the year.

However, as TV's in Minnesota tune into the XLIV Super Bowl the sentiment may just be a little different. While Minnesota Vikings fans are not sore losers and the what-if game has long since been ended, it is still a little hard to swallow knowing that it could have been the Minnesota Vikings vs. the Indianapolis Colts, it could have been Favre vs. Manning. Buy the Minnesota Vikings didn't win and Favre won't be throwing passes in the Super Bowl.

So instead, I'm putting my support behind the New Orleans Saints, they are the underdog by a lot (some polls have the Colts favored by as much as 75%). With huge point spreads being predicted, I feel that it is important that someone cheer for the Saints. So, Minnesota Vikings Fans... I'd like to encourage you to put away your harsh feelings and root on the team that beat us.

If that just isn't going to work for you then, go and get something to eat during the game and come back in time for the commercials, they will be all anyone is talking about on Monday anyway.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Minnesota Vikings send 8 players to Pro Bowl

The Minnesota Vikings missed the Super Bowl this year after a heart-wrenching game against the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Game. However, last night the Minnesota Vikings were well represented at the NFL Pro Bowl...

The Minnesota Vikings Roster sent:
Adrian Peterson
Steve Hutchinson
Jarred Allen
Heath Farwell

The Minnesota Vikings Roster also sent players who did not play due to missed practice or injury:
Bryant McKinnie
Brett Favre
Sidney Rice
Kevin Williams

Although the AFC won the Pro Bowl, I'd like to take a moment to congratulate the NFC players especially the Minnesota Vikings who all played last night!