Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 Super Bowl will be bittersweet for Minnesota Vikings Fans

Awesome Spread of Super Bowl Party Food
This weekend Super Bowl Sunday will invade the homes of almost all Americans. Snacks will be made, beer will be purchased, and couch cushions will be fluffed as football fans and commercial junkies tune in to watch the single biggest sporting event of the year.

However, as TV's in Minnesota tune into the XLIV Super Bowl the sentiment may just be a little different. While Minnesota Vikings fans are not sore losers and the what-if game has long since been ended, it is still a little hard to swallow knowing that it could have been the Minnesota Vikings vs. the Indianapolis Colts, it could have been Favre vs. Manning. Buy the Minnesota Vikings didn't win and Favre won't be throwing passes in the Super Bowl.

So instead, I'm putting my support behind the New Orleans Saints, they are the underdog by a lot (some polls have the Colts favored by as much as 75%). With huge point spreads being predicted, I feel that it is important that someone cheer for the Saints. So, Minnesota Vikings Fans... I'd like to encourage you to put away your harsh feelings and root on the team that beat us.

If that just isn't going to work for you then, go and get something to eat during the game and come back in time for the commercials, they will be all anyone is talking about on Monday anyway.


NFL Draft said...

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Nuff said...

"and root on the team that beat us."

You want us to root for the refs?

Anonymous said...

vikings would be there if i ran the world. but since i dont, mexican food and a good football game will have to do!