Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Does the HHH Metrodome have a future after the 2010 Minnesota Vikings Season?

A view from inside the HHH Metrodome during a Vikings Football Game
The Minnesota Vikings always seem to have pre-season speculations. Last year, the Minnesota Vikings pre-season chatter focused on Brett Farve and his contract negocitionas. This year it the Minnesota Vikings seem to have shifted the focus from themselves to the HHH Metrodome, the current home of the Minnesota Vikings.

One of the few stadiums in the country that housed both a professional baseball team and a professional football team, the HHH Metrodome has a storied tradition in the Twin Cities. However, with the opening of Target Field this season, the HHH Metrodome will be very quiet until the Vikings Season starts again and with just one season left on the Vikings-Metrodome contract it is really anybody's guess as to what will happen.

Lots of Vikings speculators are saying that the Minnesota Vikings Roster will call TCF Bank Stadium home for a few seasons while the HHH Metrodome is torn down and a new Minnesota Vikings Stadium is put up in its place. Dome-Lovers are hopeful that the Metrodome will stay and renovations will be made. While no official decisions have been made, and no public announcements have come forward, it seems to be clear that the the HHH Metrodome has changes in its future.

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B said...

I love the Dome but I hope that we get a new state of the art football arena built for the Vikings... that would be pretty cool.