Thursday, January 24, 2008

No NFL game this weekend

No NFL game this weekend? What will football fans do? Watch the NHL All-Star game on TV? Buy Timberwolves tickets and head over to the Target Center for a Wolves vs Nets match-up? Vikings Vixen is just thankful that the NFL weans all of us football junkies/addicts off gently. It's a classic crescendo actually, Pre-Season warm-up, Regular Season steady rhythm, then NFL playoff games that decrease in number each week until the Super Bowl - a sweet release (I think I need a cigarette.)

This years Super Bowl is in Phoenix, Arizona – I see local ticket broker Ticket King has Super Bowl Tickets for $3,400 – wow! If I could pay it I would, I just want to get out of this freezing cold tundra! A trip to sunny Phoenix sounds wonderful…

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