Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vikings Season Ticket Holder Event

Vikings Vixen thought the first ever “State of the Vikings” event was a cool move. Brad Childress Zygi Wilf and crew sat atop the State Theatre Minneapolis stage and talked to over 1,000 Vikings season ticket holders. What did they talk about? Favre, of course and what to expect in the upcoming season combined with a whole lotta of Vikings propaganda.

I am wise enough to know that the first ever event is an effort for the Vikings to appear more fan friendly which would help gain public support for that new stadium Zygi has been salivating over. I was surprised that the attendance numbers weren’t a little higher, but I think when season ticket holders RSVP’d they had no idea all the Favre hype would reach such an intense level. Imagine if Brett Favre himself would have been in attendance!

Anyway, every one knows that the decision to wear purple is all up to Brett – I personally am hoping for the chance to see Brett Favre in the Vikings jersey. The suspense is killing me.



Anonymous said...

Very creepy!!

Over Brett-mania said...

I heard the event went well but I wonder if the attendance wasn't quite as high as the Vikings expected because some of Vikings Fans are sick of Brett-mania, this isn't a Jonas Brothers concert why are football fans acting like teenage girls??