Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vikings raise ticket prices

Does anyone else think it is ridiculous that the Minnesota Vikings raised their ticket prices this year (+3%) when they couldn’t even sell out the Atlanta Falcons, San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders or the Detroit Lions games last season? That’s four games! Out of 8! 50%! I think the Vikings are wrong if they think they will be able to fill the Metrodome up with higher priced seats in this ailing economy. More people are reading the want-ads than the sports page.

Besides the Viking team was 8-8 last year, if it wasn’t for Adrian Peterson, I doubt Vikings fans would come to the Dome at all. This Vikings Vixen will have to think long and hard about which games I am willing to pay money to see. There is no way I could afford Vikings season tickets, but I like to get tickets to a few of the big games and local ticket broker, Ticket King, always has seats. Boy, the increase of face value will definitely affect the scalpers bottom line as well . What were the Vikings thinking?

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night dragonfly said...

I think it is possible they they are trying to get get all the games blackout. In order to get a new stadium.