Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vikings Bye Week is Not Calm, Houston Texans in Dome this Sunday

→ A Bye Week means no win or loss so all is calm, right? Not.

→ Vikings Scandals happen every year, with out failure. The news of both Williams lineman (Pat and Kevin) getting busted for “substance” abuse (I don’t care if they are just water pills) is enough to make me want to puke. They know the NFL tests for that stuff, what a waste to risk it. Perhaps this should be in the looking ahead segment since we will lose these two for at least 4 games probably starting against the Packers.

→ The Houston Texans are at the Metrodome Sunday at noon. I found Vikings Tickets for $4, no joke. $4 that was it. I guess that should tell us something about fan interest.

→ The Houston Texans are 3-4, like the Vikings, but are on a three-game winning streak so the Vikings will need to play tough to stop their momentum (and start ours!)

→ Safety Madieu Williams (Williams is a common name on this Vikings team) should make his Vikings debut this Sunday after being out from a neck injury he suffered during camp. The Madieu Darren Sharper combo should help shut down the Houston Texans Offense.
    Prediction: Vikings 27 - Texans 24
    Last week's Prediction Review: I wasn’t even close on the Cowboys Tampa Bay Game last week. I didn’t give their defenses enough credit (or the offenses too much credit) actual score: Tampa Bay 9, Dallas 13 ; Predicted by Vikings Vixen: Tampa Bay 35, Dallas 17.

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Cortney said...

I love your new graphics! They're great :) And I think you're right, it does say some pretty sad things about the fan base whem Vikings tickets are selling for $4. At least we have one decent team in town....(the wild!!)

Vikes need a win this weekend...'skol vikings!