Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vikings put Bears loss Behind them, Move into Bye Week

→ The dreadful Sunday loss to the Bears at Soldier field 41-48 - icky.

→ I still can't believe that the Minnesota Vikings special teams are so bad. I can't put my finger on what it is about them that sucks so bad.

→ The NFC North now looks like this: Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers tied for first, Minnesota Vikings third, the poor Detroit Lions are winless in fourth.

→ Thank God it's a Bye Week.

→ If we aren't going to fire Dr. Phil, we need to at least sit down and build a plan to win the next few games. Then again, planning is clearly not Dr Phils (aka Childress) strong point.

→ Does any one else think it is weird that the Vikings, Packers and Bears all have a Bye week this week? Was that divine NFL planning or just a fluke?

    Prediction: there will be no Vikings score prediction this week thanks to the much needed I will make a prediction on the Tampa Bay Bucs at Dallas Cowboys game . . . Tampa Bay 35, Dallas 17

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Wisconsin Music Man said...

That was quite a shoot-out game. A positive thought would be that the Vikings put up big points.