Thursday, July 17, 2008

Brett Favre a Minnesota Viking? No Way.

The Brett Favre saga continues to amaze me. When every one was speculating Favre’s NFL return, Vikings fans (NOT VIKINGS VIXEN) immediately began speculating on if/how Brett Favre could become a Minnesota Viking. Vikings Vixen said in her most perfect convincing pink voice, “no way, not going to happen.”

Brad Childress is committed to Tarvaris Jackson (I've never understood why the NFL coach has to marry his quarterback. Everybody else is just a moving part, but it is what it is) and Childress isn’t savvy enough to steal Favre away anyhow, but I forgot about the savvy offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and his previous experience with Brett Favre and now apparently the Pack is claiming inappropriate relations/talks between Bevell and Favre. Hmmm…I guess all those crazy Vikings fans that were dreaming of Favre in the purple jersey weren’t as far off their rockers as I thought. I still say “no way, not going to happen.” Stay Tuned. The Brett Favre saga is not ending any time soon.

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Lisa said...

Don't get me started! He should have never announced a retirement and then started back-tracking. Either way, his legacy will always be slightly spoiled by this overshadowing doubt about what he is doing by going back on his word. GRRRRRR.