Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brett Favre Saga continues at Vikings Training Camp

Minnesota Vikings training camp starts on Friday and the Brett Favre saga is continuing all the way to Mankato. The local media (and national) is still focused on the possibility of Brett Favre a Viking…even at training camp. The media is asking other Vikings players what they would think if their old arch enemy showed up in a purple number 4 jersey. Most players are trying to steer clear of the issue, but Antoine Winfield said he would be pleased if Favre was on the Vikings team. I found this poll on the Tribs web site:

Which quarterback would best help the Vikings get to the Super Bowl this year?
Tarvaris Jackson 25.7%
Brett Favre 64.5%
A quarterback to be named later 9.7%
Total Votes: 5813

Apparently, Minnesotans would welcome Brett Favre across the river with open arms. That would not be the case for Vikings Vixen. I think I may give Brett the cold shoulder. He would need to earn my support. At Green Bay, he was kind of a baby and I don’t like babies and I just can’t get the image of him prancing around like a fairy the last time he was at the Dome (when he broke the TD record).

Fact: I wish Brett Favre would retire and go away so we can focus on the current Vikings team at training camp and put the what-ifs behind us.


Jason said...

Hi. I'm a different Jason. You can tell by the can of Pringle's I'm holding in my picture.

Note that the question was "Which QB would help the Vikings?" and not "Which QB do you want leading the Vikings?" Tarvaris Jackson isn't very good, so a lot of other QBs would help the Vikings more. That doesn't necessarily mean we want them, though.

Cortney said...

I'd take Farve. A lot of Minnesota Vikings fans may not like that he has been such an institution in Green Bay for a super long time, but he's an amazing football player and we are going to need a stronger QB if we want to make it very far in the playoffs this year.

Jesse A said...

I don't think I could, in good conscience, root for Favre as a Viking. I've spent, bascially, his whole career rooting for him to suck and hating every bit of success. Regardless of how players move around these days, he hasn't and is the Green Bay Packers. And while I understand that he's a better QB than Tarvaris, he's still the enemy and has come across as a major d-bag during all of this.

I think I'd rather the Vikings take their chances with TJ and maybe miss the playoffs than watch them win a Super Bowl with Favre. I hate the player that much.

bertnb said...

If you get Brett, you will be lucky. I am (or was) a huge Packer fan my entire life. After the way the team has treated him, I'll be rooting for whatever team Brett lands on.

It looks like it's going to be you purple people. He really is the real deal. He's a nice guy and a great quarterback. You folks can hate him all you want -- until he takes you to the playoffs. Then let's see how much you hate him.