Thursday, May 29, 2008

NFL Rule Change

Last month, the NFL changed it’s force-out rule for 2008 stating that a wide receiver must have two feet in bounds in order for the catch to be ruled complete. I saw Bernard Berrian on the news trying to be all PC about the rule, but you could tell that he was irritated. The quote in the paper from Bernard is this:

"A lot of the rules help offense because they want high-scoring games because the fans love to see points," Berrian said. "So the defense obviously is getting a cheer out of this one. It helps them out a little bit to even it up."

But on the news, he said he will be interested to see how it works out and he was wondering how the NFL will deal with issues like a defenseman carrying a wide receiver over his shoulder out of bounds. Boy that is a picture! I am picturing Brian Urlacher carrying Bernard Berrian over his shoulder spanking him! Urlacher has a good 70 pounds on him – I would buy Vikings tickets to see that for sure!

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Lisa said...

I wonder how this rule change will affect records (most completed passes, etc.). A lot of the plays will still be tough to call I'm sure.