Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vikings lost to Tampa Bay Bucs, Plenty of Pressure to Beat Jacksonville

→ The Minnesota Vikings lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13-19 (what a train wreck)

Gus Frerotte was sacked five times – I am losing confidence in him quickly. Some of it is the lines fault, but he has got to look down field faster and make more snap judgments or by all means, just MOVE your feet to get out of the way of incoming defensemen.

→ The loss puts the Vikes at 5-5. . . STILL tied (by record) for the lead in NFC North, don't jump off the wagon just yet Vikings fans – at least we didn’t lose 37-3 like the Bears, right?

→ The Vikings travel to Florida again this week playing the Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6) at noon. The Jags looked good last week against the Titans, this could be a tough win for the Vikes.

→ Sean Jensen of the Pioneer Press put together a compelling piece on the Vikings 3rd quarter failures and why they are the worst in the NFL – it’s a very solid point and I am hoping Chilly will change up the locker room half-time strategy this week because of it. We’ll See.

→ Brad Childress has got to go. But I do love this quote from him that he shared at his press conference: “'editorialists and columnists are like men that come down from the mountains after the battle and shoot the wounded.' I thought there's a certain something to that."

LOL! Do you suppose bloggers should be added to that as well? "Bloggers, editorialists and columnists..." and then if you want to include Vikings Vixen, you need to change it to "...women that come down...." I got a good chuckle over that one Dr. Phil – time to thicken up your skin, we just want to keep you honest.

    Prediction: Vikings 28 - Jaguars 27 (I had 35 for the Jags in there, but I just can’t leave it – I want the Vikes to win too badly)
    Last weeks prediction – I was off for the Vikes, but pretty close for the Bucs.


Cortney said...

Fi-re Childress....Fi-re Childress....

you would think the chanting of the fans would be some kind of indication to the Vikings that he needs to go.

Katelyn said...

Losing to Florida once is definitely not a normal thing for the Vikes but losing to Florida twice is just not acceptable. The Vikings need this win in order to maintain some sort of dignity. Come on Vikings, come on.

Cortney said...

Oooh yesterday's game was DEF. not a trainwreck :)