Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Minnesota Vikings Trample New York Giants to end the Vikings Regular Season on a great note

The Minnesota Vikings had a hell of an ending to the regular season. Last Sunday, the Vikings took on the New York Giants at the Metrodome. For anyone there or anyone who watched highlights on TV, it was clear... the Minnesota Vikings were hell-bent on winning and the Giants just didn't care. This killer combination is what lead to a 44-7 score.

Call it a fluke, call it vengeance for the 2000 game where the Giants just spanked us up and down the field ending the game with a HUGE NY Giants win, or call it pure and simple Minnesota Vikings Talent... the Giants Vikings game was great. The Minnesota Vikings Roster was on fire, the Giants should have let their cheerleaders play and all was good in the Minnesota Football World.

Check out the video below for game highlights...

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B said...

What a way to end the regular season!!