Thursday, January 7, 2010

Minnesota Vikings Playoff Date Announced, Vikings await opponent confirmation

For all of those Minnesota Vikings haters out there who said that we wouldn't make it and we wasted our time on Brett Farve... I would like to say one thing... but I won't say it because I'm more mature than that. Please feel free to use your imaginations however though....

Moving on, for those of you like me who could not be more THRILLED that the Minnesota Vikings made the playoffs, mark your calenders right now. The Minnesota Vikings Playoff Game will be January 17th at noon. As of now the opponent is not set but most football critics and analysts are saying that it will likely be the Dallas Cowboys. IF the Cowboys lose, than my boys will take on either the Green Bay Packers or the the Arizona Cardinals.

My hope is that for the first NFL Playoff Game, the Minnesota Vikings take on the Dallas Cowboys and beat them, the Packers beat the Cardinals and then go on to play the New Orleans Saints and beat them so that the MN Vikings can take on the GB Packers for the NFC Championship... greatest game ever!

For now, just stay tuned in for Minnesota Vikings Playoff Updates and the latest on Vikings Playoff Games. Sideline note: if you are planning (or wishing in my case) to go to the Minnesota Vikings Playoff Game, I suggest that you buy your Minnesota Vikings Tickets before the opponent is announced, Packers and Cowboys fans are known for the eagerness to travel and if we face either team there will be a mad race for tickets as soon as the announcement is made!

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Katie said...

I'm in the wishing group as well Vikings Vixen. I wish I could go to the Vikings Playoff game as well, but I will be at home on the couch cheering on the Vikes! I am so excited for the NFC Wildcard games this weekend, too! I hope the Green Bay Packers beat Arizona!