Monday, January 11, 2010

Vikings Playoff Game Annocement Made: Minnesota Vikings vs. Dallas Cowboys Jan 17th

Vikings players taking down a Cowboys player
The Minnesota Vikings are gearing up for the first round playoff game this Sunday. The Vikings will take on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Jan 17th at noon in the Metrodome.

Most football critics had predicted that the Cowboys-Vikings would meet each other in the post season. Round Two Playoff Predictions are a little less sure. If the Minnesota Vikings beat the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs then, they will face either the New Orleans Saints of the Arizona Cardinals. If they play the Cardinals than the NFC Championship will be in Minnesota at the Metrodome. If the Saints win then the Vikings Saints NFC Championship Game will be in New Orleans.

I'm personally hoping the my boys beat the Cowboys on Sunday and the Cardinals win so that the NFC Championship Game is here... the Minnesota Vikings play better at home and seem to be more in control of their defense at the Dome. Maybe its in my head, or maybe its all in their heads... but the Minnesota Vikings seem to be enjoying Metrodome Magic.

SKOL Vikings!


discount super bowl tickets said...

i am still not able to pick any of team as Cowboy are brilliant and Vikings are my favorite.

Bretts_BFF said...

Hey VikingVixen … check out our banter about the Vikings leading up to the match-up with Cowboys this weekend on our blog at Thanks! And SKOL VIKINGS! Let’s be LOUD at the DOME on Sunday!!!