Monday, January 25, 2010

Minnesota Vikings suffer heartbreaking loss and miss the NFC Championship by just a few points

The tears are still wet and the emotion is still pretty raw for most Minnesota Vikings Fans who could all but taste the SuperBowl last night. The Minnesota Vikings took on the New Orleans Saints last night for the NFC Championship Title, the game ended in heartbreak for Vikings Fans.

After a sudden death overtime the final Vikings Saints Score was 31-28 Saints. The theme of last night's game ended up being butter-fingers. Adrian Peterson just couldn't hold onto the ball and the Vikings Offensive Line let the Saints slip past them almost every play... with Brett Farve getting as roughed up as he did it is really no surprise that we didn't win.

What is frustrating however is the fact that almost ALL of the Minnesota Vikings Mistakes last night in the NFC Championship game could have been avoided. The pass that Farve made at the end was a rookie error, he knew he couldn't see the spread well enough to throw that ball, the first and second passes that Adrian Peterson dropped could have been prevented with better receiving posture and don't even get me started on Brad Childress...

For the first time in years the Minnesota Vikings had a real shot at the SuperBowl, but last night crushed those dreams. In good faith I can't even call this a Minnesota Vikings Highlight reel, instead I will call it a video of what could have been for the Minnesota Vikings


Anonymous said...

I love your Vikings blog and I hope you keep up with it - even if the Vikings totally let you down!

Do you think Brett Favre will be back next season?

A Seawolves Fanatic said...

Of course he's gonna come back, but to who? Childress grow a sack and do not take the ?12? million option on Favre. He's not worth it. I'd much rather have a McNabb as our aging quaterback.