Thursday, December 10, 2009

Week 14 Preview: Vikings vs. Bengals

All I have to say is that my Minnesota Vikings better be ready. The Cincinnati Bengals are a good team. currently they lead their division and with a 8-3 record, they are not that far behind where we are. While I am a firm believer in Vikings Confidence and I hate to send negative Vikings Vibes out into the universe, I must confess that I am a little worried that this could be a repeat of last week.

The Bengals are known to have an awesome pass defense, lets just hope that we have our running issues figured out, with the division title no longer "in the bag" the MN Vikings have no room for error! Working to our advantage, however, is fear... Coach Brad Childress surely chewed the Vikings Roster out in length after last weeks game, lets just hope the fear of not winning again will help them play a little harder this week.

The Minnesota Vikings will take on the Cincinnati Bengals at the HHH Metrodome, this Sunday at 12:00. There are still lots of Vikings Tickets left for this game, head out and help cheer the Vikings on to Victory!


laura said...

I have total faith in the Vikings :) and this is gonna be a great game. Lets hope we can make it to playoffs!

Anonymous said...

The Vikings Bengals game rocked. The Vikings showed that they are unbeatable at the Metrodome. The Bengals are a great team, but the Vikings proved they are better. Our Vikings defense was amazing!