Monday, December 28, 2009

Minnesota Vikings play Chicago Bears TONIGHT!!

The Minnesota Vikings are taking on the Chicago Bears Tonight at Soldier Field Stadium... What is riding on tonight's game? LOTS.

#1) Minnesota Vikings Pride... My boys are good, I know it, You know it... but the rest of the NFL needs to know it. The Minnesota Vikings have had a great season, no one would deny it. However, Minnesota Vikings Haters are saying that a lot of the Vikings Wins have been handed to them and we have not deserved them. The Minnesota Vikings roster needs to use tonight to prove that we have earned the ranking we have.

#2) This is Rivalry Game.... The Minnesota Vikings - Chicago Bears Rivalry is longstanding and deep seated. Although, it is nothing in comparison to the the Vikings-Packers rivalry the Bears-Vikings Game is always a Midwest Favorite. With both cities being so close there is always a larger presence from both the Minnesota Vikings Fan base and the Chicago Bears Fan Base

#3) If the Minnesota Vikings win tonight and next week and the New Orleans Saints lose next week than the MN Vikings will have the home field advantage for the play-offs which would be HUGE. The Vikings play better at home, they are more relaxed and subsequently play their game much better. So Vikings Fans start praying. Kick-Off is at 7:30!


B said...

I wish I was going to this game... guess I will just have to yell really loud from the couch!!

Anonymous said...

Please Vikings, please win! I am begging you! I even wore my purple Brett Favre jersey into the office today!

Minneapolis Music Girl said...

I am so excited for the Vikings game tonight - and just to get in the spirit Brett Favre is on the Vikings playoff tickets!

Anonymous said...

The beginning of that game was a bit rough but they ALMOST came back. Too bad Vikes. We still love you.