Monday, December 7, 2009

Minnesota Vikings lose to the Arizona Cardinals and drop record to 10-2

The Minnesota Vikings took on the Arizona Cardinals last Sunday at the University of Pheonix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona... The Cardinals came ready to play, I really wish I could say the same for the Vikings roster. As much as I love my boys, I'm going to have to be a little critical...

First of all, Vikings Offensive Line... did they even go to Arizona? The Vikings O-line has been so strong all season, where was that vs. the Cardinals?

Second of all, Brett Farve is old in football years, that means lets not try and throw the ball every time, why not try running it every now and again?

Finally, Vikings Special Teams... Really Guys?! I know that when we are winning we don't notice how much they suck, but come on! Because a picture is worth 1,000 words, and it makes me too sad to type anymore, here is a video of the Week 13 Vikings-Cardinals Highlights... (enjoy?)


B said...
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B said...

I couldn't even finish watching the game... it hurt too much. Lets hope the O-Line figures out how to make space for A.Peterson this week, if not I may be selling the rest of my Vikings Tickets I don't have the heart to watch them lose :(