Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Super Bowl Super Bowl

Super Bowl, Super Bowl on the wall,
Who is the fairest of them all?
You, Arizona Cardinals, are fair; it is true.
But the Pittsburgh Steelers are still
Three whole points fairer than you

It was a solid NFL game this year. The competition was tough and in the end I decided I would be happy with either team winning. Although I was leaning towards the Cardinals because I think the owner of the Steelers is icky and quarterback Ben is slimey, too. I don’t have any real opposition to any one on the Cardinals team – although I am bit tired of hearing about Larry Fitzgerald Jr. (and his dad!). In the end, it was a good game and I am glad I watched it. I have a feeling most people feel the same way.

I personally thought the Super Bowl ads were a little bit of a let down. I really liked the Budweiser “Fetch” commercial and the Bud “Horse Love” commercial. I also really like the E-Trade Baby – I think it is funny and ingenious (the E-Trade commercial was my vote last year as well). Most of the people I talked to loved the Doritos commercial with the snow globe, but I was concerned at how violent that commercial was – why is it that violence makes us laugh? I was surprised that there hasn’t been a news story on a rash of vandalism to vending machines since basically every person in America saw that commercial. Super Bowl ad thoughts ??? . . . leave a comment!

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Viking Vixen said...

I can't believe no one commented on their favorite Super Bowl Commercial . . . OR on my clever rhyme!