Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vikings Stadium Issue

I liked this comment from Cortney over at Style and Sports about the Minnesota Vikings putting pressure on the Minnesota legislature for public funding for a new Vikings stadium:

“And seriously, do the Vikings really need a bailout? Maybe they should experience a salary cut for themselves before they start begging the government for money.”

The Vikings Stadium issue is not going to go away…and all of us Vikings fans will know how serious Zygi Wilf is about the issue once we see which players he adds to next years Vikings roster. Is Zygi willing to loosen the purse strings to get players that will excite the fan base and put the Vikings in pursuit of the Super Bowl? If yes, you can bet that the stadium issue will keep coming up. If no, Zygi may look to take the purple quietly elsewhere.


Cortney said...

Do you think he'd really be able to convince the league to take the team somewhere else? They've been here for a long time...

Manchester United said...

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