Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vikings Vixen on Hiatus

Vikings Vixen is on Vikings Football blog hiatus this week...besides, there isn't much news to report any way.

Check back next Wednesday.


Jason said...

Nothing to report? I beg to differ :) It's not every week your team trades for a quarterback with the intention of handing him the starting job.

Viking Vixen said...

LOL! Jason is right, the quarterback thing is big....but I am sooooo tired of talking about it and I am soooooo not excited about Rosenfels.

Besides I didn't know that when I posted my "no news" blog.

Purple pride said...

I think the vikings should sign vick to contract. He is better then what we have. Vick would fit right in with vikings getting into troubled players. Plus he would be chep to get because no one would give him a big deal now. He has been out of football.