Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New LA Stadium Possible Vikings Home

A little teaser: Sure it is ugly, but it is 600 acres.

Here is that 'new stadium' talk again, this time the stadium in the limelight is located in sunny Los Angeles.

I read on the Pioneer Press website this morning that a proposal in LA was just made more attractive. Ed Roski, whose bid for a stadium has been in the mix for months, among a rival proposal next to Staples Center, has bettered his offer by dropping his demand for a no-cash minority share. He is now offering to hand over the 600 acres to any team that relocates there. According to the Pioneer Press, the team would then finance the stadium Roski has proposed and sell him a share of the franchise at market rate.

All I want to know is what is Roski's worth? Of course Google knows: $2.3-2.5 billion.

I'm a Minnesotan at heart, which essentially means I am genetically predisposed to hate everywhere that is sunny all 12 months of the year. Sure, I like a nice hot vacation, but living in LA? You're kidding. However, I may be a rare breed. When it comes to Wilf, I'm guessing he would rather wear a speedo than a snow suit, though I can't really picture him in either. And the idea of him in a snow suit is disturbing...

Now, it is no secret the Vikings are the worst in the division this year and have weeks to go before they can even be at .500, so should fans even want to help pay for a Minnesota-based new stadium? Depends on your fandom. I do know it would be easier to convince tax payers if you weren't one of the worst second-half teams in the game.

Marinate on that.

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Anonymous said...

Well this was horribly wrong..no wonder no fans read this stuff