Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Christian Ponder to Start

This season has been awful. 1-5 and so far out of playoff contention I don't even remember what the playoffs look like.

Since 1977, the year the Minnesota Vikings drafted Tommy Kramer, the Vikes have only used two first-round picks on a quarterback (Daunte Culpepper and Christian Ponder). Instead, our standard protocol has been to go with the guy with experience; the re-tread quarterback.

Wade Wilson... Rich Gannon... Jim McMahon... Warren Moon... Brad Johnson... Randall Cunningham... Jeff George... Brad Johnson (2.0)... Gus Ferotte... Brett Favre. And now? Donovan McNabb.

During those years, roughly 35, the Vikings haven't made one Super Bowl appearance.

With Brett finally out of the picture, it seemed as though the Vikings were going to use Christian Ponder (a first-round pick) to break the streak of the re-tread quarterback. Not so fast fans... We couldn't pass up Donovan McNabb.

What... a great idea. McNabb has looked washed up, uninspired, slow and just terrible on third downs and important situations (for example, the whole game).


Come on, it's a confidence thing. Let the guy have at it, build some confidence as well as allowing him some necessary experience. Good luck, Ponder!

Let the Pondera begin.


Anonymous said...

Agreed ! But Wade Wlson was a Vkings draft pick.

price per head said...

I really think that Christian Ponder is a good asset for the team in the following season