Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Say It Ain't So: Brett Favre "Reportedly" Retires

Brett Favre walking off the fieldWell, if you turned on the TV yesterday or were on the internet, chances are you saw something about Brett Favre. Yesterday morning, reports surfaced that Brett Favre "reportedly" plans on retiring. It was reported that he texted several teammates saying "This is it" and started contacting some Minnesota Viking personnel. Of course, there was no official press conference or any official statement from Brett Favre yet. The coverage lasted all day on ESPN about Brett's decision.

The real question is whether this retirement will be permanent or not. The last 2 offseasons featured retirement plans and then subsequently unretiring to play. As Minnesota Vikings fans, we realize that the team is ready for a Super Bowl because of all the talent around the quarterback. While Brett Favre has "reportedly retired", I still think there is a chance that he will play by the time the New Orleans Saints game arrives. If not, Tavaris Jackson will most likely become the new starting quarterback. Will this actually be his ride into the sunset? Time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

its all just a smokescreen until the ankle all of a sudden "feels" better....