Monday, August 9, 2010

Brett Favre Rollercoaster

RollercoasterImmediately after Brett Favre reportedly "retired", reports surfaced that he would play if healthy and is still undecided. By now, most football fans were ready for the Brett Favre saga. I still believe he will be the Minnesota Vikings quarterback by the first game. It feels like Favre is playing a prank on the media and ESPN...did he really send those text messages? Did he really tell Vikings personnel "This is it"? Even though Brett Favre has trouble making up his mind (or perhaps he already has - as I think so), I think most Vikings fans are okay with him missing training camp, arriving late, and still being ready for the opener. Just look at last year. The guy can still play and gives the Minnesota Vikings their best chance at a Super Bowl title.

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Anonymous said...

i still believe hes comin back. the guy can still play