Friday, November 20, 2009

Week 11 Preview: Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks

The Minnesota Vikings seem to be untouchable this season, Vikings fans are hopeful that this weekend will be no exception. The MN Vikings are taking on the Seattle Seahawks at the Metrodome, Sunday at 12:00.

Vikings fans can expect that the Minnesota Vikings roster will be out for a big win. The Vikes will be using the Seahawks as a warm up round for the big Thanksgiving Weekend game they will play vs the Chicago Bears next week.

Below is a video from last years Vikings-Seahawks game... SKOL VIKINGS!


B said...

Vikings Seahawks Tickets are such a great deal right now, Why settle for youtube videos when you can see the real thing in person!!


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Helga said...

Great game vs Seattle, we destroyed them in every aspect of the game.

Favre for MVP!

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