Thursday, November 5, 2009

Upcoming Minnesota Vikings Games

This Sunday will be the first in 8 weeks that I am going to have to find something to do... My typical Sunday includes consuming tailgating food, drinking beer and watching the Minnesota Vikings play. This weekend is the Minnesota Vikings bye-week, so instead of the game preview that I usually post on Thursday, I thought I would post a rest of Vikings Season Preview.

Week 10: Vikings vs. Detroit Lions
Week 11: Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks
Week 12: Vikings vs. Chicago Bears
Week 13: Vikings @ Arizona Cardinals
Week 14: Vikings vs. Cincinnati Bengals
Week 15: Vikings @ Carolina Panthers
Week 16: Vikings @ Chicago Bears
Week 17: Vikings vs. New York Giants

With lots of great Minnesota Vikings Games left this season, don't miss your chance to scoop up some of the great Vikings Tickets Deals that are out there and get yourself to a game!


r4 said...

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the Bears to come to the Metrodome!