Sunday, November 1, 2009

Minnesota Vikings show Green Bay Packers Brett Favre was always meant to wear purple

They did it again! The Minnesota Vikings pulled off the game that nobody thought was possible, they beat the Green Bay Packers on Lambeau Field despite the boos from the crowd every time Brett Favre took the field. The Vikings ended the game with a 38-26 victory over the Packers and even more importantly bragging rights for the rest of forever.

10 years from now, nobody will remember Adrian Petersons text book first quarter touchdown of the 3 score-producing-plays run that the Packers went on in the 3rd quarter. What MN Vikings Fans and Football Fanatics alike will remember is that in the first season that Brett Favre was a Viking, Team Purple kicked the Pack's ass TWICE!

Doesn't feel good to say you are a Vikings Fan today?


B said...

What a game! I love sticking it to the Pack, sucks to be green right now!

Packer Fan said...

LOL! It's not easy being Green.