Monday, July 2, 2012

Percy Harvin Requests Trade

It appears that Percy Harvin is still a jerk.

He has requested a trade from the Minnesota Vikings, which is, from what I understand, not the first time.

I seriously doubt the Vikings are willing to trade away Harvin since the Vikes aren't particularly deep at wide receiver. Harvin knows this. So why make the fans hate you?

Minnesota winters are brutal enough without having every fan in the state giving you the cold shoulder. Harvin is going to have to buck up and settle in with the Vikings. He can do that with everyone eventually forgetting his little lapse of love or he can do that in front of a screaming crowd calling for his removal from the field.

Remember all those 'Fire Childress' chants and posters? Yea, we are those fans.

Get your act together, Harvin. For your own good.

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Pay per head wagering said...

what?? how a player requests to be transferred??? that is unbelievable in my humble opinion, so he just does not want to be in Vikings anymore?? I find it so weird