Monday, July 9, 2012

Adrian Peterson Arrested in Houston

You hardly ever hear great things in the off season when it comes to the Minnesota Vikings...

Adrian Peterson was arrested in Houston, Texas early Saturday morning after an incident with police. Police say it took three hours to subdue him. Duh. He is the best running back in the league. He is never subdued. 

he 27-year-old was finally handcuffed with the help of a third officer.

While Peterson contests that reports are false and that the truth will come out in time. Peterson hired Rusty Hardin to represent him after being charged with resisting arrest Saturday.

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Pay per head bookie said...

oh well I think that all of us have gone crazy one night or day with out friends and we have done bad things, that is part of being a man and I think we don't have to crucify him for a wrong decision, he is a human just like us