Thursday, October 22, 2009

Minnesota Vikings Week 7 Preview: Vikings vs. Steelers

This Sunday the Minnesota Vikings take on the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA. Kick-off for the game is at noon and the game will be televised on FOX.

Many sports critics are saying that this could be the Minnesota Vikings first really big challenge. Nobody is knocking their 6-0 season, or the fact that at 40 years old Brett Favre is out-throwing most of the other quarterbacks in the NFL. What critics are pointing out is that several of the Vikes wins have followed after great breaks of luck or mishaps on the fact of the other team.

With last week being such a close game (31-33) hopefully Favre and the MN Vikings roster have taken time this week to regroup and tighten up the holes in the line that left many Vikings fans saying that the blocking against the Ravens looked more like a high school football game than professional football game.

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B said...

I know there are lots of nay-sayers out there... but I'm going to hold strong to all 6 wins have been skill and not luck. Skol Vikings!

Anonymous said...

are u kidding me Brett Favre is playing like the legend he is,if this team keeps playing football like they are and there secondary starts clamping down they are defenitly going to the superbowl,and the only reason alot of these teams came back was because they slowed down by not letting the legend keep on passing the ball, not taking anything away from peterson an the running game, go Vikings, big mistake Ted Air Head Thompson way to reallly bring down the Packers Organization.