Friday, April 13, 2012

Coaching Spotlight: Mike Singletary, Special Assistant to Head Coach

Mike Singletary, Special Assistant to Head Coach

Mike Singletary is not new to working with Leslie Frazier. Singletary and Frazier were rookie defenders for the Chicago Bears in 1981 and now, 30 years later, are working together for the Minnesota Vikings of the NFC North.

Singletary joined the Vikings staff in 2011 as the special assistant to the head coach and now manages that role as well as coaching the line backers. Singletary boasts a long background in football, including coaching.

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Anonymous said...

i thinj mike s. nedds a touph style
influence to motivate there players !
he was a great player and knows the game well! but like ray lewis he seems to get the best out of players from the leed by example theory !
i would like to see a new dominate m.linebacker in a vikes uniform and m.s. i hope can find him in the draft draft or other means trade etc.
go vikes ! frazier bothers me with no emotion on the sidelines can he coach i hope so or he will be gone
by week 8