Monday, January 2, 2012

Vikings Off Season Predictions

Continuing from my last post, I am still discussing my off season predictions and draft hopes.

Round 1:
It appears that Andrew Luck is going to the Colts. The Rams are likely to have the second pick, with the Vikings getting (possibly) the third. The Rams and the Vikings both have the same needs: offensive line and wide receiver. Each team will need to decide the high priority and person available. Basically you don't draft a need player; you draft the player you covet.

The Vikings could take Matt Kalil of USC if the Rams do not. It appears that the Vikings would let the Dolphins or Redskins pick up Robert Griffin III, who seems to be a star on the rise.

My second pick would be Justin Blackmon, a wide receiver out of Oklahoma State. Blackmon appears to be an upgrade over Malcolm Jenkins and Devin Aromashodu.

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