Thursday, September 3, 2009

Minnesota Vikings beat Houston Texans for 3rd preseason win

The Minnesota Vikings pulled out another preseason victory on Monday, beating the Houston Texans in Texas 17-10. Brett Favre passed for 142 yards and Adrian Peterson rushed for 117. With the Minnesota Vikings rolling through the preseason as well as they have there are start to be rumors that with Brett Favre on the Minnesota Vikings roster, my Vikes me be contenders for the Super Bowl!!

The Vikings take on the Dallas Cowboys tomorrow at the HHH Metrodome. Kick-off is 7:00. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo who grew up in Wisconsin told a Dallas paper that even though he had grown up watching Brett Favre throw for the Green Bay Packers he is totally supportive of his switch to purple (trust me Tony, so am I!).

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B said...

I can't wait for the Dallas Cowboys to come, Tony Romo is so good looking (even if he is a total jerk)